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Starting Out Weak

Hey there,
Since this year I’ve started training for football, and love the sport. I’ve been weighttraining for a while, but only serious for a few months (I’ve had a lot of injuries/problems preventing me from lifting). Well, I’ve broken a lot of personal pr’s, but I’m still pathetically weak. I can deep squat 300 lbs, clean 250 lbs, but I also weigh about 220. Strength is improving, but it’s going slowly. I was wondering if some of the t-men on this site also started out as weaklings?
Basically I’m asking for some motivational stories, about where you started and where you’re at now?

you clean 250 but only can squat 300 thats kinda wierd.

not to pick on any one but why do people need motivation to weight lift all of a sudden.

Of course only working out will get me there, but sometimes I just like some motivation to help me out. I know the numbers don’t add up, but I’m not lying, my max strength is very weak.

Yup, you’re weak.

I KNOW, just know you we’re looking for a reply like: wow squating 300 is quite impressive in my book.

But because you’re fishing for comments that you’re not weak physically, you’re still weak.

dude, I just said I was weak, and asked how others started out, that’s all. I know 300 lbs back squat is not good for someone who is 220 lbs, I already stated that.

Most will think this is retarded, but it works for me to get my motivation up. I do a pretty normal squat workout twice a week, but once a week I will pick a weight a fair amount more than what I can squat below parallel, and I’ll do a quarter squat with it to start. I’ll go lower and lower for a few weeks until it is a full squat. It is pretty motivating just using weight that you are gunning for. So if you can deep squat 300 easily, put 350 on the bar and squat it high a few times at the end of a workout. The next week, try squatting it one pin lower on the rack. Set the pins in the rack really high so you can tell where you want to get down to. Dont do this unless you have a rack obviously.

thanks juggernaut, unfortunately I don’t have access to a power rack right now, but maybe I’ll come up with something. I believe Paul Anderson did this kind of training back in the days as well. He dug a hole and each week or so he raised it up. Could also be good for the deadlift, pin pulling a weight and then lowering the pins progressively. With what kind of weights did you do this?

I went from 275 to 315 in about four weeks by doing the pin thing. 315 felt like it was going to crush me before I started forcing myself to do this, now it is no problem. I also got 295+55lbs of chain off a 14" box last week with no rocking, so just handling heavy weight seems to do it for me, not repping medium weights. I am working on 365lbs now and should get it in a few weeks.

Dont do this without a rack or something. Right after I got 315 below parallel I thought I could do a quarter squat with 375, and it felt ok until I tried to stop and I kept going into the pins.

I also moved my DL from 405 to 425 in the last month from doing this, I stopped doing DL about six weeks ago after getting 405.

I think this mostly works just because the weights are relatively light, I am 198 bw, so just getting used to the heavy weights is what is important.

i was weak at fucking hell when i started lifting. i was in 8th grade about 170 pounds. and i could bench about 85 for 1 rep. thats really pathetic because i know a girl who benched 85x2 and she was in 7th grade. i have no clue how weak my legs were at the time. but within a few monthes i was able to do 135x1. i could barely squat 135 for like 6 reps at that point. with lots of training i was able to bench about 180, squat 225, and didnt even dead at the time as a freshman.

but as a sohpmore i went from 170 to 190 pounds and my bench soared to 235, squat barely 275, and deadlifted about 375. now im a junior and still have been training hard and am 213 pounds and bench 265, squat 405, and deadlift 465. strength comes even if you start out weak, you just have to train hard and it comes. thats my story lol

I am naturally the complete opposite of any form of athlete. However, I picked up wrestling in middle school. I lost. A LOT. So, I set out to get better. I trained, studied biomechanics, sought out the best coaches and trainers in the nation. 5 years later I took 3rd in NYS, and almost made all american in greco. That’s all my inspiration for the day.

while we’re talking numbers, I dropped the bar on my chest in 8th grade, and coudnt squat to parallel with bodyweight due to flexibility issues.