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Starting Out, Trying to Lose 20 Lbs.



I've been working out for about two weeks now and havent really been getting the results im looking for and my friend said these forums might be a good place to get info on a good beginner program.

Esentially I'm trying to lose 20 lbs. I'm not interested in getting huge, or bulking up in any way. On the other hand i have heard that building muscle helps speed up metablolism. being cut would be nice, just not huge. I can dedicate as many days a week as needed, im pretty much fed up with how i look.

So i guess im looking for a good body weight and nutrition program. (thats waht my pal said to ask for)

Any help would be greatly appretiated. Thanks in advance..




You just posted, um, stuff, um, gargle...

.... on a website called "Testosterone Nation", "Bodybuilding?s Think Tank", whatthefuckever....

Um, hi and prepare to be moderately flamed...

Search for Vroom?s "Are you a beginner" thread and start from there.

In two months or so, you will realize why your post is, um, slightly entertaining?


Bro, I'm gonna try and let you down easy. If haven't gotten the results you want in two weeks, its never gonna happen. Just give up now. Eat fast food with a clean conscious. You tried!


Wah wah wah, I am a huge N00b. Awesome.

Vroom's it is.

Flame on


This is a bodybuilding website and I'm somewhat saddened by your dislike of muscle but whatever...I'll set ya up with a link and wish ya good luck...