Starting Out on ABBH

Hey, I’ve been reading the website for quite a while and I’m just getting into lifting.

I’m 18, 5’10 and 163lbs at about 12% bf.

I decided I’d start out on the anti-bodybuilding hypertrophy program by Chad Waterbury
but I recognize that pretty much any program will do for a beginner.

My ‘stats’, unimpressive as they are:
Squat: 165
Deadlift: 132
Bench: 130 (or so, I’ve not really tested this yet)

I reckon my diet is fairly sorted. I’m at uni and its not always possible to eat a huge volume of food though.

Meal 1 - Porridge and protein shake

Meal 1.5 - “meal replacement shake” of some description.

Meal 2- Large meat-based (leftover mince mostly) sandwich with cheese etc in it.

Meal 3 - Meat (eg mince) and pasta, usually with spinach!

Meal 4 - More meat and pasta

Before bed - Another protein shake, taken with multivitamins, cod liver oil and an L-arginine tablet someone oddly decided to buy me for christmas, hehe.

Well that’s how it seems to be at the moment. Venturing into the squat rack at my home-town gym wasn’t a problem and I think I was the first person the instructors had ever seen doing a deadlift (oh yes, its a squat-rack-curl gym) but the gym at uni is used by real men so that’ll be interesting come january!

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I just wanted to field my position at the moment and see if there’s anything I can learn.


Depending on just how “starting out” you are, you might want to do a bit of higher rep work before getting into more advanced programs.