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Starting Out, Need Mass Gain Program


Just starting out. i think i have a solid foundation. im 5'8 at 145 atm and goal is 5'8@175. my bf % is 7. Need a mass gain progran, currently using multi vitamens, new arnold pre workout creatine, and mass gainer. tips would be appreciated! im 19.


Why mention multi-vitamins before you mention food?

What do you currently lift to say you have a pretty solid foundation?


[quote]dillanparkinson wrote:
i think i have a solid foundation. im 5ā€™8 at 145 atm and goal is 5ā€™8@175. my bf % is 7.[/quote]
Um, dude, you were 165 over a year and a half ago. What happened?

What does your current training look like? The days, exercises, sets, and reps. Also, like dagill asked, what are your current bests on the main lifts.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?


Hahaha Iā€™m sorry but just to let you know you are NO WHERE near 7% BF carry on.