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Starting out - have conflicting advice

Hi guys. As a result of a topic posted earlier in the nutrition section, I decided to know your advice about skinny fat.
My story started a year ago, i was weighing 78 kg. I was fat, but I was bothering to have a fking titties. I followed a drastic regime, I was eating somewhere at 1500 kcal, and now, look at me: 63 kg, 176cm and skinny fat with big nipples.

I decided to let go of my shit workout, and start from monday 5/3/1 bbb. The problem is, how do you think I have to do to make progress? cut or bulk?
repeat, am 176 cm, 63 kg.
now I eat somewhere at 3000 kcal.

I look forward to your advice.
The ultrasound came out that I only had fat in the chest.
Another question, can i still get “novice gains” after 1 year and a overtraining?
I had 12000 kg volume on a chest day. 2x/week.

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