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Starting Olympic Lifting


For the past month or so, ive been doing the beggining part of o-lifting, ive been lifting for 3 days a week, each day doing back squats, over-head squats, standing press, and working on my clean and jerk and snatches. I feel as if im ready to start traning.

So basiclly how do you think i should set it up? Clean and snatching same day or diffrent one's. SHould i be doing more front squats or back squats?

thanks for the help


You can alternate snatch/OHS/back squat days with C&J/front squats. Add the press on whatever day you please.
At the start of each session you can do light-weight technique work (perhaps with just the bar) for the OL you will be performing in that session.
ex. snatch day:
bar work with:
Snatches starting fully extended, on toes, with shoulders shrugged, practicing jumping under the bar fast.
Press Unders and Drop Snatches.


Have you checked out CT's "Black Book of Training Secrets" yet? In there he basically guides you through everything you could want to know about learning and mastering the olympic lifts and puts a very detailed training template in there. I would highly recommend the book just for that, but it also has a lot of other great information.

If that pimping didn't work for you, here's how I might set it up.

Monday- Snatch Day
1. Snatches
2. Overhead Squats

Wednesday- C&J Day
1. Clean and Jerk
2. Front Squats

Friday- "Assistance Day"
1. Back Squats
2. Push Press
3. RDL's
4. Shrugs

Friday you can pretty much do whatever lifts you think you need to work on. Or you could do an 8-day schedule like:

Day 1- Snatch
Day 2- rest
Day 3- C&J
Day 4- rest
Day 5- Snatch
Day 6- rest
Day 7- C&J
Day 8- rest

As was mentioned earlier.