Starting OLAD, Advice on Exercise Selection

Quick question are these good exercise selections for OLAD program while training at home?

Mon - Bench Press (horizontal push)
Tues - Row (horizontal pull)
Wed - Squat & glute ham raises (leg & hip dom)
Thur - OHP (vertical push)
Fri - weighted pullup (Vertical pull)

Just curious, I’ll also be following the program sets and reps too

I’m guessing OLAD means one lift a day? What is the progression?

Seems fine, if that’s what will help you achieve your goals (which are?).

I think the only questions I’d ask is whether you need to add weight to the pullups. I mean, if you’re good at pullups (like 5x10 at bodyweight with strict technique is easy for you), sure, I can see why you’d need added weight.

You could also be a bit more fluid if (obviously only if the program allows, because otherwise you’re doing a different program) you cycled variations of those lifts every week.

Well it’s the one lift a day program, you’re training five days a week, and you have six exercises listed.

Other than that, sure, solid setup. You’d have to try very hard to screw up the OLAD plan.

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Its better than nothing

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Thankyou for letting me know the exercises are fine

Progression - increase weight after I hit my target reps so 8-12 in this case

Goal - to lose weight (diet focused) while concentrating on the basic lifts…