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Starting New Cycle

starting a slightly more advanced cycle than usual for me. Currently cruising on 500mg test for last 4 weeks. Starting 1050mg test cyp ew, 450mg tren ace ew, 450mg eq(to keep collegen goin) and probly androl 3 days per week on heavier days as well as normal peptides I run quite often being ghrp-6 150-250mcg with semorelin 100-140mcg 3-4times a day morning night and post workout might start doing pre workout with some carbs and preotein like pineaple and egg whites or isolate and juice. 50g carb and 30-50g protein. currently 198 in the am fasted 26yrs and 10%bf and 5 foot 4 tall.

Will be running armasin at 10-20mg every night and I have letro on hand at all times. Will do this for about 4-6 weeks then bump test up t0 1200 or just bump up tren to 700mg depending on how I am feeling. goal in 6-8 weeks is to get to 215 as I have been having issues gaining lately by eating clean so I will eat a lil bit more. likely swinging toward high fat hign protein morning and dinner/snacks with carbs pre and during workoout likely 100-200max 2 days a week will be higher carb higher protein days still no carbs post just around workout. How that sound so far.Kind of vague, but I need to change somethings up to see how they work eating wise as I was doing very high protiein and fats for a while and it got me lean but size was lacking, hopefully insulin sensitivity does me some favours due to having so little carbs for so long that I will ballon in a good way lol

looks good. do you have an offseason coach?

no offseason coach. I have competed and won 2 shows, but it’s more of a money thing for me as I am still in school at 26 working on another degree.

Quick update started the doing 275mgish test enanthate with 125mg tren ace and 100mg eq and 50mg mast on Monday,wednsday, Friday and sunday. also running the androl 50mg ed on training days which is 6 times a week. Running 150mch semorelin and 250mg ghrp in 3 times a day so far upon waking post workout and pre-bed. will start pre-workout I think once I get settled back into routine as I start my acute care placement at the hospital this week and I need to gauge security and issues with needles freezing in my car as it is -30ish celcius right now. In a few weeks I will introduce humolog likely pre-workout 3 times a week and progress to 2-3 times a day on larger body parts. I am still hovering below 200 and my legs are still fucked from driving 26 hours straight from florida to home lol.

you can buy novalin R from wal mart for like 25 bucks

just sayin

25 in canada really why so much cheaper than humalog?

did not see that you’re in canada…

in the US, humalog is prescription whereas novalin and humalin aren’t…

also IIRC, walmart had contracts with novo nordisk and eli lily to sell their insulin regular at a highly discounted price…but those contracts expired.

so walmart made novalin R “relion” which is their own brand… costs like 25 bucks

k cool never knew will grab some much cheaper than the 50 60 bucks plus thanks

bumped my test to 1200 week easier to dose. I recently injected my chest too much lately and have noticed some of the lymph glands are swelling mildly and that means no more chest for a while.Also added letro 1.25mg eod incase its gyno not lymph as I am paranoid.

not sure whats happening to me but I am massively hungrier, but no weight gain lol.