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Starting New Cycle, Tips Would be Great

Hey guys,I’m looking for a little jump,as I get ready to do MMA again,so you know my goals,as I have to make weight,so weight gain is no goal.
Im on TRT with arimidex from doctor…
im thinking of adding var,amounts are all over the place, whats a good start,
40 ? or more, Ill be be taking TEST,VAR,CLEN(maybe the injectible with yohimbe in it)
I’m looking for the best way to take,before training ? doesn’t matter…etc…
also,would Proviron be of any help ? thanks guys
5’8 185lbs (fight 155lbs)
train 6 days a week am(cardio,lil weights),and 5 nights a week pm(fighting)

hey man, i ran clen for a month and had a noticeable negative impact on my cardio. although that was on running, so maybe it will be different for circuits or conditioning. i do 200m and 400m sprints 2x a week and the week after i stopped clen i was MUCH faster.

var is amazing, i gained major strength, no body weight change but got leaner. no effect negative effect on cardio. i ran 60 a day. 30 am, 30pm.

Halo might be a good choice.

Non aromatizing, increases strength, aggression and VO2 max, will not result in weight gain on its own.

Also might want to consider tren. I know it has this rep for being bad for cardio, but I don’t know of any studies that show this, nor do I know anyone personally who has experienced this.