Starting Nebido Log

Hi everyone, I thought I would log my experiences with Nebido, for those who are interested in others’s experiences with this form of TRT.

My background is that I have been suffering with low libido for about 5 years. The first couple years I could still perform sexually, but just didn’t have the drive that I was supposed to as a guy, and it cost me a couple relationships with girls. Then around the 3rd year, I started to not be able to climax during sex, no matter what, though erections were still fine. I didn’t really desire sex but could mostly perform it anyway. Finally, over the last two years I have had essentially no libido or sexual sensation. I am still able to get erections, but have not been able to have sex because I have not been able to feel anything during the act, which has turned out to real be a showstopper in bed, for reasons that are difficult to describe.

One blood test I had prior to TRT indicated a TT of 390. That was a year or two ago, though. I will come back and update with the results of a more recent pre-TRT test as soon as I am able to get them from the doctor.

First injection was on Friday. The nurse actually injected half in one buttock and half in the other. The pain was unbelievable! I couldn’t walk right for about an hour and even just standing still produced a deep throbbing pain. Fortunately, only two hours later it all seemed to be gone. No pain at all by the day after. So basically the injection itself was very painful but there was hardly any soreness after, to my great relief.

The doctor currently has me scheduled for my next injection 12 weeks from now. I’m hoping to succeed in convincing him that I should receive a booster in 6 weeks instead.

Got my second/booster injection this morning. Looking at the date of my last post, I see that I accidentally got it a week early. I’ll be sure to space the next one out correctly.

This time the nurse injected it all into one buttock, but I asked her to do it very slowly, and sure enough it was much less painful. After the first injection I thought a disadvantage of Nebido would be injection pain, but now I think the opposite – fewer injections and they don’t even hurt.

So far, the effects I have seen have been increased numbers of erections, more hypertrophy from working out, and slight acne here and there (nothing bothersome, just a sign that something is going on).

Unfortunately, I have not experienced sexual improvements beyond the more frequent random erections. Still suffering from anorgasmia, genital anesthesia, and low libido.

Have you had any bloods to see what levels your at in T FT e2 etc?

My first blood test on Nebido’s will be in about 6 weeks so I’ll be able to post results in about 7 weeks.