Starting My Second Cycle

Okay, so I’m about to start my second cycle. This is going to be a long cycle 16 weeks. I know this is long for a cycle cycle. But I really want to use Eq. This is how my cycle will look

Weeks 1-4 T-bol 50mg or 40 not sure ED
1-16 Test E 500ml
1-16 Eq 600ml
1-23 Aromasin 12.5 EOD 24-25 7.5 eod

19-20 Gcgemarte es 5 caps ed
19-25 Cardarine GW 501516
21-25 Clamid 50\50\25\25\12.5
21-25 Nolvadex 40/20/20/20/10
21-24 Ostarine 25/25/25/12.5
N2garad 21-25 7 caps a day

I guess I am looking for some advice, on on cycle therapy as far as toxicity goes, and any other advice for this cycle that you think might be helpful. I was also thinking about running some more T-bol at the end of my cycle. Or possible pushing it two weeks longer on the front end of my cycle which would be 6 weeks.

We really appreciate any advice on this cycle.

No takers on this? I’m thinking about cutting the EQ down to 450 ml and, in the T bol down to 30 mg possibly running more Tbol a week or two longer, or running again at the end of cycle for about 3 or 4 weeks. Any advice would still be much appreciated. Thank you for reading

your cycle is fine, if not a little long for my tastes.

Don’t run the SARMs during PCT, as despite what the companies who sell them will tell you they ARE suppressive.

Also all that n2guard and whatever else is a load of shite, too. The SERMs in your PCT are the only thing that matters. I’d just run clomid at 50mg.

Add HCG to the cycle and continue with the Aromasin for 1 week after PCT but taper down the dose.

Remove everything from the PCT apart from either Nolva or Clomid. Just run one of them alone with the Aromasin.

Why do you really want to use EQ? I have not used it but generally it seems to be added as a third injectable, with test and tren for example.

DQ has about the same rating as test, with less conversion to estrogen. That’s the big reason, and I like the idea of the lean muscle mass. From what I’ve read the gains are also more sustainable. I have thought about front loading the Eq, and the test. To try to get my cycle dow to12 14 weeks. Eq is a slow but steady builder. What do you think about maybe front-loading the EQ to get the cycle a shorter length of time? I was thinking about running HCG, but it is somewhat confusing to me as far as the saying goes and mixing the mixture up. I know it also ups estrogen levels. If I decide to run it, how would you suggest I run the HCG? Thanks for your advice. I can use all I can get, I am somewhat new to this. Although I have done a lot of research. I just want to make sure I do everything right.