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Starting my power pack

Hi T-bros & Sis’s. I recieved a gracious offering from Biotest, and I’m here to let my opinions known on their products. A little background you ask? sure. I’m in my mid 20’s, wiegh ~195 at ~10%BF. I’m also a college student majoring in biology. I’ve raced BMX since I was seven. Since then I dabbled in football, had a 4 year stint racing MTB’s, and now am back racing BMX. I’ve been training in various ways since I was about 15.

I'll be posting on this thread my experiences with Grow, Low-Carb Grow, Grow bars, Powerdrive, Tribex and M. I'm looking forward to seeing what powerdrive can do ;). My split will be pretty hectic, since I work full-time, am taking 12hrs (A&PII/ChemII/Micro), and training for the ABA grandnational over thanksgiving weekend. The proposed plan will be: MON-AM SPRINTS/PM back/calf TEU-PM ride @ skatepark or track WED-AM Powercleans/Plyos PM Shoulders THR-AM CHEST/Bi's PM track or skatepark FRI-OFF SAT-AM SQUAT! PM Practice Starts SUN-Practice Skills.

I’ll be eating 6 meals, isocaloric, with Surge post-workout(had to buy it myself LOL). 3500kcal. I’ll also be using ALA and Flax.

Wish me Luck!

Best wishes on your upcoming event. I started my pack last Thursday. The Drive is awesome, will report on changes here: you seem to be the first to really get a thread going…

I am curious how long you have been training like this with the volume and frequency? My first guess is to say it might be a little too much and a bit too neurally intensive but if you train like this all the time it won’t be. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the supplements.