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Starting My Next Blast


I still like my Super Mass from ON. But if I take it too late an night, then my appetite goes away and I’m not hungry for dinner which pisses my wife off.


I’m still trying to convince my wife we can spend more money on GH. That stuff is making me have crazy hard pumps and muscle soreness like I haven’t felt in years.

With both of us using, its about $10/day which is reasonable when compared to other things, its just the initial payout that hurts.


Generic or pharma?


Wow nice report congrats on the gains.
I did wonder since you were already on TRT if water weight gain was going to be an issue. Most of us get over the water weight in the first month or so.
I did not know if uping the T would cause one to start storing water again. Here’s hoping that will just go away on its own as you get farther into your cycle.
You should be at your T steady state now(40days) will you do a mini blood test just to see where your cycle took your levels?
I would think knowing what TT and FT got up to it migh help you deside a future dose.


I sure hope so. Partly because I look swollen but the water does seem to be helping my joints

Good idea brother.


UGL. Usually runs about $160/100 IU


Awesome brother! I’m gonna take measurements tomorrow as I’ll be 10 weeks in. Hopefully some growth. I feel like it’s gonna be the same though. Who knows! Glad your making progress.

You’ll see much better results from gh if you can stay on for 3 months or so rather than 1.


I’m loving the GH. Hopefully I can get her to release some funds!! LOL


Looks like I’m going to get another round of GH (for Christmas) LOL!

I’m telling you, the weight gain I’ve experienced by stacking GH with the Test/NPP blast has been frankly unbelievable. I’m adding at least a pound of water a day if not more!

Its definitely has its downsides. I presented at a meeting this week and I to buy a new dress shirt because I had outgrown everything in the closet. I’m also snoring way worse and in fact, I’m scheduled to see a snoring/sinus specialist this week to address that. I can also tell my cardio capacity is reduced but over all I’m loving the new size.


Is it all water weight? And you dont want all that water weight do you? I’ve never heard of this with gh. Every guy I’ve ever known says they take gh to stay ripped year round…


I honestly dont know. It just seems unlikely that I can actually gain muscle at this rate. I stepped on the Dr scale at work in my street clothes today (meaning boots, jeans, and polo) and was 222. I do feel physically “bigger” and stronger of course. I was shocked at none of my dress shirts fitting.


@unreal24278 what do you think? Is my rapid weight gain water or muscle? Remember that I’m stacking the test with npp and I added 4 IU of GH daily.

Personally I think that I’ve been sleeping so poorly that my natural GH was shot and I wasn’t making any gains. With the introduction of GH every night before went to bed it was causing a compensatory gain.


That… or Sleep apnea due to rapid weight gain/ water retention from AAS. The gain is probably a mixture of both water and muscle, it is physically impossible to gain 1 lb of muscle/day unless you were a guy who’d never gone to gym hopping on a boatload of steroids (which is a bad idea anyway). HGH is known for causing water and sodium retention, keep BP under control.


Actually I’m being diagnosed for sleep apnea. Went today. Dr said that guys with big shoulders, chests, and necks are prime candidates for sleep issues


Being heavy in general is a major risk factor. And for you’re height you’re quite heavy (lots of muscle mass, but heavy). My BMI is like 26.4, on the heavier side for my height, I’d assume yours is over 30.


SH it’s been a week and a half.
Did you lose that water weight? or determine it was something else?
How’s the muscle soreness with the intense workouts?
Having any ligament, tendon or joint issues?


Still hanging at 218 and climbing, which is 10 lbs added.

Everything else feels fine. Knees actually feel pretty good, enough to smith squat. Shoulders are achy but I was pushing them hard after seeing the size increases. I still feel full and tight and have great pumps in the gym.


Shoulders achy with nandrolone? How fucking heavy are you pushing lolz.

In all seriousness I don’t know whether nandrolone helps with joint pain, it just helped me quite a bit, enough to the point where I actually want to take it again because of my… everything. I’m wrestling over this one but in the end I probably won’t end up taking it again.


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Sorry brother, no PMs here.

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