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Starting My Next Blast


But what if you cause it to happen by worrying so much about it. If you think it hard enough, it can happen.


You’re on TRT, blasting right now I think right?

I think because of your intelligence you are overthinking this.

I’ve been there, I have bad anxiety.


takotsubo cardiomyopathy actually can arise from severe emotional stress.

Yeh, I used 250mg/wk for nearly ten weeks, it just ended, made phenomenal accurations in muscle mass. I have terrible anxiety at times, it comes and goes


That the dose I was considering doing a small blast with . Just to see how I react. How did you feel.


Thanks. Think I will just increase my Test.


I felt great, I apologize for the previous rant, I have an important exam today and I’ve been literally having a panic attack over the past hour or so. I haven’t slept in 36+ hours hahaha. Of course I can’t reccomend you blast, however I’ll tell you I felt great, libido in overdrive, visible muscle mass gained (I’ll post progress pics today or tomorrow), but bad bacne.


Here is a list of specified measurements taken a month ago and the same measurements for comparison sake.

Not too bad for some hypertrophy I guess. I’m not sure I have the capacity to eat much else. About a week ago, I added about 5 IU GH each night after working out which has increased water weight by about a pound a day.

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How much longer you running?


Hopefully about another 8 weeks. Not sure how much GH I have. Probably about 30 days worth unless the wife agrees to more funds.


Wifes. Mine caught me with a can of skoal this weekend and all hell broke loose :slight_smile:


Seriously dude, you’re still sneaking snuff around! :joy:

You need to stop that shit. As a former dipper for 13 years, I was doing 2 cans/day. Had no more places to to put it. Its super nasty to me now.


how do you still have any gums?! Marines had me up to bout 1/2 can a day when depolyed and I thought that was excessive


I dont really dip anymore at all but this weekend for some reason I saw it and thought hey what the hell. I wasnt hiding it. She saw that ring in my pocket and threw a fit. Women.


I’m pretty healthy now but still have evidence of receding gum lines.


Yep, yep, yep.


As far as your numbers I’ll take those gains. You just need to eat in your sleep and focus on those calfs and that neck. I dont like seein those 0’s


I’ve been focusing on increasing my calorie intake. Adding 3 tablespoons of heavy whipping cream to my 2 scoops of whey protein along with creatine monohydrate. Got some egg nog too.


Did you start taking your nolva the day you started blasting?


Agreed but calve are notorious for being stubborn especially for old men! LOL But my neck? I’m already snoring like crazy and buying shirts for dudes with a 50 inch waist.


Yep, pretty much. Still on 20 mg/day. Slightest nipple tenderness but nothing I’m going to freak out about.