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Starting My Next Blast


Gotcha. Glad you got it all sorted out! What’s your weight done in 3 weeks?


Nothing substantial. I’ll weigh in again tonight at the gym.


So I did some band pulls yesterday. You are right, they are a nice finisher and sure put the pump across my traps and rear delts.

Thank you for the insight!


So I seem to be losing a little. I’ve been down 2-3 pounds in the last week. Hopefully, its fat loss associated with the increased Test profile.


I’m not on blast but I’m with you on losing weight. My wife is doing a 90 day challenge at her gym right now. I’ve been doing all her meal prepping and now she eats all my food. Chicken. Fish. Steaks. Vegetables. I finally got up to 194 from 190 and yesterday I weighed in at 189!. Below 190 is flat out unacceptable. It might partially be due to my new workout partner who wants to sit in the sauna every day after we lift. Losing water weight I guess.


@alldayeveryday How tall are you? I think my final goal is probably 185-190. Haha. I guess to each their own


Shrinking with age and deadlifts :joy: but I’m about 5’6". Gym scale has me at 206 right now. If I were as lean as you, I’d probably be more like 185


I’m 5’11" but when I walk in a bar I’m an easy 8’ flat. Lol. Jk.


@studhammer updates?


@jackolee, funny you should ask this brother. I do have some updates.

if anybody knew me, they would know I’m probably the least patient person around. Not a good thing to have when it comes to steroids and PEDS but I am what I am (insert Popeye reference here).

So I got my wife 300 IU of hgh to try to help her lose some weight, and just bring out overall improvements. She has been taking 2 IU every morning. After only a week, she began to complain about water retention and not feeling comfortable and maybe I should just take it off her.

Woo Hoo, don’t have to ask me twice. LOL I pinned 2 IU the first night after the gym and have pinned 4 IU each night after the gym for the last 4 days.

Note: this is stacked on my current blast of 300 NPP and 750 Test/week.

HOLY CRAP! It feels like I can feel every single muscle in my body. Everything is kind of sore but ready to contract at the slightest movement. I’m already up about 4 pounds which is really strange because my appetite has not been the greatest and I’m having a hard time pretty much eating thru the day.


Watch glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity. Excess GH can cause insulin resistance and hyperglycemia along a myriad of other effects (makes more than just you’re muscles grow lol) #organs #hypertrophicardiomyopathyalthoughanabolicsteroidscancausethatto.

Although you should see some phenomenal gains, I wish I had the guts to do something like this, I’d be huge like you are, maybe when I’m older lol. (5 7 and 200+ pounds of muscle is like hulk status, I’m like 5,5 or potentially slightly less, but I like to say 5’5 anyway, around 160lbs and I’ve cut to around 12 percent BF, I’m a little guy with regards to my stature, probably one of the shortest fully grown men that I know). Does nandrolone help with regards to joint pain for you? I noticed it helped for me, however that’s purely anecdotal, and it appeared to help my shoulders the most, it made bench pressing relatively painless, that’s a huge plus. That being said anavar seemed to help a bit too when I took it.


Somewhat. I’ve noticed that my knees are more forgiving on the smith squat but I’m really excited about effect of GH on my joints. Physio commented earlier that it should help my shoulders.

Right now, I only have about a 60 day supply. I guess I’ll decide in a few weeks if its worth the money to buy some more.


You crack me up. I’m definitely one of the smallest “jacked” guys in my gym.


You’re a lot heavier than I was at your age. When I went into basic training at 20 years old, I weighed 120 lbs. I was very thin. I was the only guy to gain weight in basic! LOL

Edit: You shouldn’t focus on height. Its the only thing you have no control over. If women or other guys focus on it, then leave them behind, they are useless sacks of shit. Its obvious your brain is WAY bigger than pretty much most of the population. Focus on that and being the best you can be. Don’t worry about something you absolutely had nothing to do with. As an older and still pretty short guy, don’t wait too long to learn this lesson. Otherwise it will eat you up.


Would nandrolone be good for tendinitis? My elbows have been so bad for the last month. One workout and I feel it for 3 days in my elbows. I have lowered the weight, went for more reps. Better form. Icing them, doing anything that can help.

What kinda dose? Does it aromatize? I know I can google this stuff, but thats why you guys are so special to me.


Maybe. I have patella tendon pain when i squat deep and with the current blast, it seems to have dissipated. I’m running about 300 a week.


I dont believe so, but it does seems to be affecting little studhammer so I’m taking pramipexole to counteract the prolactin


I know for a fact that my e2 is starting to run a little high, and my joints feel AMAZING.

Wasn’t the relief from deca related to the increase in e2?


LOL chill on the cardiomyopathy fam. LOL

I posted something the other day, in Physio’s forum and I hesitated because it was extremely sarcastic. I thought to myself “someone might think I’m being serious”


It’s my biggest fear therefore I can’t chill out about it.