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Starting My Next Blast


I don’t think we men are ever satisfied with how we look.
From those pictures I think your pretty dam buff under all that baby fat.

I hope you are planning a cut cycle and not a bulk? You already got the bulk part.
Looking forward to reading your progress reports. Best of luck to you.


Wow! 2 love notes from you in one day! LOL I’ve been lean and I’ve been way fatter, the middle is so much easier a life to live. But yeah, I’ll start cutting next spring.


… Does… Does it hurt? #chronicpainbuddies


Happened years ago. I never knew when the first one happened, my ortho (when evaluating my RC injury) told me it was torn. He predicted that the other was probably going to happen soon. Sure enough, about 3 weeks later, it tore too. Just felt like some heat then nothing. It was probably hanging on by a thread.

Never did determine the cause. I used to do TONS of drop sets on preachers and standing BB curls. Probably contributed to it.


How’d you blow out ur rotator cuff? Heavy bench press? Heavy OHP? I’ve never torn a rotator cuff however I’ve injured them many many many many times, usually tendonitis, strains or sublaxation of the shoulder joint. It’s only a matter or time before something tears haha. Both of my shoulders never healed properly after an injury overhead pressing and another bench pressing.

Did you get it repaired? Are you alright now?


BOTH RC TENDONS, just to be clear.

First one in college working as a student aid, lifted a big gas generator off a flat bed. Didn’t know at the time, it just hurt. I wasn’t a gym rat back then, so fast forward to lifting and it always hurt but I managed. Never had a great BP but squats and deads were in the 400’s and 500’s, respectively. But I actually “tore” by something very sexy…I slipped on the ice and threw my arms out to catch myself and that was it. That was around 2002.

In 2014, I tore the right RC tendon also in very sexy way…swinging a sledge hammer to break up tile. That injury I felt very specifically and knew it instantly. When I went to the Dr, I told him exactly what I had. He was dubious but the MRI proved me right.

Everything has been repaired and rehabbed.


Ever heard of brachiating? Always takes care of my shoulder issues.


Here’s a post work-out pic. @unreal24278, @jackolee @hrdlvn @physioLojik

Its been about 3 weeks and my delts are pumping up nicely and I had just finished some face pulls so my traps were pumped up too.

The NPP seems to be making my contractions way harder and stay pumped longer.


Shoulders lookin swol bro.


Thanks brother. It surprises me still that they respond after both RC repairs. I like to do overhead presses on the smith, both in front and behind the neck. Nothing too heavy though, they get sore pretty quickly.


Love OHP, never tried behind the neck though, doesn’t seem fluid to me.

Anyway, I love doing band pull aparts at the end of my shoulder sessions, HUGE pumps. Try em!


This is where the smith machine helps in my opinion. I don’t go super low though, about ear level.

Just standing band pulls? Sounds like torture LOL


Stand with the band in both hands , arms horizontal in front, and pull apart until your fists go past your shoulders.

Not in your ROM?


nah they’re super fun, and they give a nice pump in the posterior deltoids, traps and external rotators.


They are getting that nice round basketball look. Well done.
Just to help you keep your head in the game. Those bigass delts are making your traps look a little weak :wink:

If I can ask. Are you doing anything different with your diet? lots of protein and carbs? or doing the keto thing?


Traps have always been a weak point for me.

Just eating clean about a 75% if the time. Keto works but I hate it. Need my carbs!


I’ll give them a shot tomorrow. Sounds like it’s gonna hurt! The NPP is really cranking up my contractions


Shoulders look huge! I always feel shoulders and lats are my weakest areas.

I don’t remember. What’s the duration of your blast with NPP?


Arnold presses are a favorite of mine!


About 12 weeks @jackolee