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Starting My Next Blast


Alright you sickos…wanting to see a fat, old man. But I pretty much promised so here goes. @physioLojik, @jackolee, @flipcollar

I know my body fat is higher than desirable but I’ve never really been over 200 and I’m trying to hold on to that in hopes of creating a new set point once I start to reduce.

All shots taken Sunday morning. Cold, no pump, just flexed

My Stats:
53 years old
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 208 in gym clothes
Rotator cuff repair in both shoulders
Both bicep tendons detached
Arm circumference: 16"
Chest circumference: 47"
Shoulder circumference: 52"
Waist: :joy:
Thigh: 25"
Calf: 16"
Neck: 18.5"

Edit: I think my weak points are my traps and quads. I’ve been hammering traps for over a year with minimal changes IMO. I’m trying to target my quads during this blast but I have knee pain on free weight squats. However, I’ve gotten some good advice on hitting quads in other ways.




Looking solid man! Really wide spread and delts pop on the double bicep. Keep killing it!


agree with the above, solid physique man!


Thanks Flip. That says alot coming from you. You’re the Texas Monster! LOL



Nice work man!!! Def good physique and shit man you look better than 99% of the world, let alone guys your own age.


Thanks Doc! Appreciate it. I’ll post again in 12 weeks or so with measurements and we’ll see how I did. @physioLojik


@studhammer sounds awesome man!!! Keep killing it


You’re quads are fucking huge, what are you talking about? I’d be more than happy with quads of those calibre


Thank you brother I appreciate it. But I don’t think 25 inch quads are that big


@studhammer try doing high rep sets of heavy squats like breathing squats. Take a typical set of what you do with 10 and do 20 reps. Just stop on top and breathe before every single rep. Extend the sets.

Also try doing sets of three second negative squats and continuous tension. They’ll grow my friend. Quads love high reps.


Who cares about the exact measurements? All that matters is that they look big. That’s what bodybuilding is partially about, the art of illusion


You trying to kill me Doc? What happened to all that Hippocratic Oath bs? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I just don’t think that my quads are symmetrical with my upper body


Personally I don’t see the imbalance but I know where you’re coming from. My triceps don’t grow in symmetry with the rest of my body either, I feel your pain. Keep at it tho I’m sure they’ll grow, but they seem pretty big already.

On a side note, you don’t look anything like your profile pic. My profile pic is an EXACT representation of me


Mr. Potato Head. My childhood playmate!! Where have you been! :joy:


Since I tore both of my biceps tendons, my arms seem incapable of growing.


Are they repaired? The bicep I had surgically repaired certainly is not growing at same rate. The repaired tendon is looser and does not pull the bicep down as far on my arm so leverages are all out of whack compared to other. I just keeping focusing on single arm work.


Nope. I’ve got big indentations where the muscle no longer fills the area.


and still kicking ass…impressive!