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Starting My Next Blast


@flipcollar @studhammer agree with flip man. After using deca I can tell you it didn’t do anything that eq or test doesn’t. The whole joint benefit shit imo is BS. Eq increases col synth more than deca to begin with. I’d rather see people use curcumin and fish oil and just test lol.


I saw some talk yesterday that we should avoid curcumin due to the fact that its estrogenic. Any truth to this at all? I’ve used Turmeric/Curcumin for almost 8 years.


I’ve Never had an issue or seen an issue with it.i use tons of it. I use biotest curcumin and take 6 a day at times.


Sorry to hear about the ED issues. I added Nandrolone to TRT once in low doses and still got ED after 5 weeks. It took about (6) weeks to start normalizing again. I’m hoping this is just a fluke as others have said and maybe won’t persist. But if it does, don’t let it knock your confidence. Anxiety about it can kill your erections.


Thanks Doc. Appreciate your response. I’ll wait like everybody is suggesting. I’m not used to having performance issues and I guess I panicked.

You’ve been AWOL for a while, I trust your new practice is up and running. You should see if you could become the “hormone doctor” to a professional sports team. Can you imagine treating the hormone needs of the Broncos or the Rockies? :joy::joy:


@studhammer thanks man! Yea I’ve been traveling a ton. The new practice doesn’t officially open until next year. I actually said in a previous post that I’ve worked with NHL players and teams throughout my career. So I’ll leave it at that… :slight_smile:

How’re you feeling? Bear in mind man that some ppl react terribly to drugs. Granted Neuro symptoms take weeks to develop but perhaps your body doesn’t like NPP


@physioLojik I feel good. Strong in the gym, hungry, etc. just non responsive in the bedroom which is super rare for me. I’ve run Npp before but from another source. My current source has great test and ancillaries but I’ve never had his npp.


Sorry @studhammer! That stinks. I can see both sides but tend to agree with @flipcollar and @physioLojik It seems way to early to have an ED issue like that pop up. (Pun intended) , so you might wait a bit to see if it was just a fluke. Your mind is so critical in your sex life. Maybe you were worried about one failed attempt and it had you too stressed out.

I think you recently switched from adex to Nolva… how long ago was this and had you been running Adex for a long time. Might be worth it to look at your e2 to free test ratio. Your body might be reacting differently to a different drug. Just my two cents.

The other way you could think about is if you want to do a blast of approximately that size you could kick out the NPP and run maybe 750-800 of test only.

I’m on week 5 with deca and haven’t had any issues at all. Keep us posted and as always wish you the best.


Thank you brother. Apparently the mental connection was key. The issue seems to be resolving itself as I had sex last night :confetti_ball::tada::joy:. I’m still going to make some adjustments though and reduce npp and increase Test.


Awesome bro. Give it hell. Please take a moment to change the image in your avatar lol


I’m not sure I believe the whole increase test to combat DD thing. If both deca and npp shut down your HPTA, then your normal TRT dose should be fine in combination with it, and a blast of 500/week should be great, but I guess its always different from person to person. The two rules of thumb I’ve gone with are run test at a 2:1 ratio to DECA/NPP and don’t run more than 2 mg per lb of lean body mass. That landed me at 600/300. 167 @ 7% bf ± is about 155lbs lean body mass.

What adjustments are you planning to make to your doses?


What the hell? Change his avatar? But then he wouldnt be The Stud Hammer. It could always be worse and have this guy



LOL! Noooooooo!!!


I hear the dad bod is in at the moment


No way brother! That’s me! :joy::joy:


I think I’m going to reduce my npp from 300/week to 200, increase my Test to 600/week, and take nolvadex daily.


Still not the same as before on my cruise dose. Still need to make the changes I mentioned above


Man I grow off 500mg a week haha. :slight_smile: you should do great


Hope so. I’m still in a mind fuck though. Mr. Johnson is only working intermittently. But on a bright note, I felt strong as hell in the gym. So much that I feel the need to watch out for tendons so I don’t tear anything.


So it’s been about 10 days in on my little blast here. I made some adjustments to counteract the ED that the NPP seemed to be causing and it seems to be helping.

What I really wanted to report was the crazy hard pumps I was getting last night at the gym. I was doing seated chest flyes on the machine and cable flyes and the contractions on my pecs was nuts! I also was getting super hard contractions on my bi’s and tri’s and even on traps, which has always been difficult for me to feel.

I’m not sure if its the higher test or the addition of npp but its very motivating.