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Starting My Next Blast


I hate to hear this. Hope you have the best of luck with the surgery and a very speedy recovery.


No doctor is going to suggest it, because they are just not that innovative and big pharma got them by the balls, but you got to wonder if this is not the perfect time for HGH to help in the healing?


Oh bummer! I’m really sorry to hear this, man. :frowning:
Also, this makes my own misery even more ridiculous. In my case, it was 70 lbs DBs on 30 deg bench. Now, as funny as it may sound for strong guys like many of you here, that’s a heavy load for me (I have girl’s wrists, even lighter bones than Zane) and had no helper. I could actually manage my set of six + plus a half rep, but I had great difficulty getting 'em big boys up to the starting position w/o a helper. This must have put me in an awkward position for the set. At the end of the set, I felt my head was going to explode. Like the back of my skull just wanted to pop off. Felt dizzy, and scared too as I lost a really fit friend about a year ago due to an aneurysm. This was on 31 Dec, and I still have headaches every day. Manual therapy revealed that my neck muscles, and hell even the tendon things on my skull are stiff. Neck Xray tomorrow, neurology checkup the day after, don’t know when I can lift again. So, can totally relate. Still have 3 weeks from my first blast, but this pro’ly means an early end and back to TRT dose.
I’ve been following your efforts here, and have great respect. I wish both of us a speedy recovery!


Well I’ve been on hgh for over 2 months and there’s been no improvement in the shoulder. Believe me I do not want to go through this again but I have no lateral strength.


What about trying some bpc-157 and tb-500 post surgery?


Cardiac or brain aneurysm? Was he using anabolic steroids? I apologize if this sounds disrespectful, I’m just legitimately curious

What’s you’re BP? uncontrolled high BP can cause you to feel strange, esp when lifting (BP skyrockets when lifting heavy, having resting hypertension can cause BP to skyrocket into the stratosphere when lifting heavy lol), when I was lifting with HBP (on oxandrolone at the time), I’d get dizzy randomly, but esp when lifting and my head would throb, it’s actually what made me check my BP, I saw it was high and promptly stopped using the agent. (This was like 8 months ago though I think). For the neck, try specific stretches to stretch out the specific muscles that are tight, massage and heat can also help a good deal (at least for me it does)

@studhammer sorry to hear about the shoulder, that really sucks. HGH probably isn’t going to heal a torn rotator cuff, it may however lessen the recovery time post surgery (although anabolic steroids in general should do this too, animal models have shown promise with regard to nandrolone improving recovery times, and currently there’s a human trial recruiting in which participants will be given oxandrolone post rotator cuff tear surgery), either way it’s probably best to lay off until the shoulder is better, you can still do legs though (leg press, leg extension, hamstring curl, calf raise) and lower back extensions. Potentially cardio on seated bike machines.


It was a brain aneurysm. I’m not aware of him having used any AAS. He was a fit, athletic guy working out to achieve/maintain that. We did track riding together. So defo not a humungous muscle beast. Apparently, he had this bloody aneurysm in his brain, of which he was not aware. Then, one day it burst. The doc said it was such a major blood vessel that they most probably hadn’t been able to save him even if he’d collapsed in the operating room.
“So it goes…”

My BP is usually very good, ~120/60-65. These days it’s more typical of it to be 130-135/78-84. My GP said that it’s more likely for my headache and general feeling unwell to add the extra 10-15 than the other way around. This seems to be confirmed by my latest experience. Tried to go w/o a painkiller yesterday. Got home late and by that time i was suffering so took a double dose to get some good sleep w/o pain. Lo and behold, this morning my BP was 122/64.
There must be sg freaky about my neck muscles and the tendon sheet on my skull where they attach, as I haven’t been able to wear sunglasses or even tight caps for a few years because pressure on the bony bumps on the back of my skull trigger an awkward headache-like feeling. (Think of the negative opposite of accu-pressure.) I used to think I’m nuts as this is sg I’ve never heard of from anyone else. Now I’m connecting dots. I told my physio therapist about this today, and she confirmed that even that tendony thing on my skull has stuck(?) parts. Sorry, neither do I know much about this topic, nor is EN my mother tongue.


Thank you. I do still have some NPP left over so maybe I will add that back in post surgery. I’m almost done with the HGH. 10 days left. I’ll probably be scheduled for surgery on the 25th. I’ve been down road before. The brace for this thing looks like a sofa cushion. Pretty obtrusive. LOL My wife said she would help me with legs and of course I guess I can always use the treadmill for cardio.


I’m not familiar with these. Are they peptides? Can you fill me in some?


stud you and I have talked a little about bpc-157 a while back. I love it for injuries like the tennis elbow pain ones gets from too many hammer curls. This peptide needs to be injected as close to the injury as possible so a rotorcuff could be to deep to get this peptide close enough.
I am also not sure it would help a tear it is more for carpal tunnel type of pain.

It is cheap enough and has no neg sides I’ve ever experiences might be worth a try post surgery.


Peptides that are specifically for increased healing response. Tb-500 has been given to race horses for a long time. You can find human trials and studies on both. Lots of anti-aging clinics are prescribing bpc-157. I personally have no experience with either. Just read about them.


So, I’ve had an MRI and it confirmed that I have full thickness rotator cuff tear. My surgery is scheduled for Jan 25th.

This really sucks. I’ve made some good gains this year and now I will be immobilized for about 8 - 10 weeks before PT starts. Yesterday I pulled 425 but I can’t put a carton of milk in the fridge! :joy:


Since I have nothing better to offer…


You got muscle memory on your side. Get healed and you can get those gains back fast. I can’t think of a better month than January to have surgery if one has to go under the knife. The bass aren’t biting the golf courses are to dry and bouncy football season is almost over.


@unreal24278, you mentioned in an earlier post that Nandro had some positive impacts on post surgery healing. Do you have that reference? and any others related to post surgery healing?

Thank you brother


@studhammer after surgery train the good side of your body. It will dramatically improve healing and muscle growth after the sling. You’ve got this.


It’s primarily animal models, I wouldn’t recommend using nandrolone post surgery

Waiting for the results to come out but here men are being given 24 mg of oxandrolone/day to see if it helps speed up the process of healing associated with RC tears

I’d advise not using anabolics post surgery though, stick to the Cruise dose of test, train the other side of you’re body like physio suggested. With 250mg/wk you should maintain muscle mass nicely.


@physioLojik and @unreal24278, thank you guys for the responses.

Doc, what are you thoughts about me doing cardio during my recovery time? One armed workouts may prove difficult but I’m sure I can do something. I also plan on at least doing leg workouts on the machines since I can’t really load plates.


One arm DB fly/BP (if you’re shoulder can take it), one arm lat raise, front raise, rear delts fly on machine with one arm. Cable pushdown, one arm cable crossover many others come to mind.

I know this sucks hardcore, I remember when i’d just gotten back to Aus, had no friends or anything and I broke my ankle and required surgery, couldn’t walk properly for about 12 months, and I still can’t run/ do a lot of cardio aside from cycling/swimming because I’ll get burning around the ankle with all the screws in it. (Salter Harris type 3 fracture with SIGNIFICANT displacement because I was unaware the ankle was broke and thus walked and kept attempting to run on it (and in the process fell flat on my face in a two occasions, also fractured my tibia in the process of that ankle break), I even got on a plane with the broken ankle #bloodclotrisk. Anyhow you’ll get through it, I find solace in music when I’m feeling down. What kind of music do you like, for situations like this I find passive aggressive post-hardcore works for me really well.

Not a well known band, but this is a good one for me if I feel not so great. It’s not exactly mainstream but it isn’t heavy or anything.

Other good songs for this kind of situation (at least I think) there’s an odd cathartic…ness from listening to sad music.


@studhammer yes you need to stay active.