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Starting My First Cycle


I am gonna start my first cycle from tomorrow basically before i did short dbol cycle.

i started training when i was 18 and doing it one and off but now since a year i am doing it seriously and 6 times a week.

This is my injectable - i am 25 years old 135 pounds and just 5.6.
I have 9% bodyfat and my goal is 6% with good amount of mass.

I am using EQ and test E as my first cycle to keep it simple

250mg/EW (test E)
250mg EW (EQ)

i belong to south asia so my height and body frame is small unlike Europeans.

what do you guys think?

Brother at 135lbs you are in need of sandwiches and sleep. Not steroids


Double the test dose and drop the EQ. If you must run the EQ you may as well double that too to make it effective. Have an AI on hand just in case but I don’t recommend starting it without side manifesting. Need to make sure you have your PCT on hand before you start.

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7 years on and off training. 1 year serious 6x week training. And this is where you are at?

Steroids isn’t the answer. Your training and diet are.

What is your PCT ? What AI do you have on hand for sides?

My PCT is being taken care of by my personal trainer who use to be a competitive bodybuilder and is now retired and training people in a very famous and posh gym.

i took my first bolde today and test i will take 2 days later just to keep test level okay through out the cycle.

500mg of anabolics a week is more then enough for me to see results as i am not looking to abuse but use it.

Then why are you asking what we think if your not gonna change anything for the better?

just wanted to know what you guys think? about the cycle maybe :slight_smile: its hard to trust 1 person when its possible to learn from many

So you are entrusting your PCT to your personal trainer? What about an AI for the sides?

Do you have any clue what you are getting yourself into?

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Your trainer suggested test 250mg/week + EQ 250mg/week?

That works out to a TRT dosage of testosterone, with about half the min dosage of EQ to see results.

Dont trust that guy…

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You need to let your trainer train you in the gym and you need to take your hormones into your hands!

This cycle is garbage and expecting someone else to set up your pct is ridiculous.

i guess 500mg of hormones every week is good enough to gain some muscle and size. :slight_smile:

being asian and small height with small frame has its own benefits :slight_smile:

people get good result with just 500mg of test