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Starting My First Cycle

So I’m 25, 260 lbs with 30 bf. looking to start my first cycle soon. The big thing I wanna is cut fat and build strength. I’m currently a strongman competitor and losing fat would help a lot along with building strength. First off I have test e and a friend gave me his npp to cycle with it. Would this be smart to do or is there something better I could cycle with test e. Also I’m not a huge fan of needles so self injecting is going to be a struggle of me. Does anyone have any tips or easy spots to inject?

Personally, I would suggest dropping body fat % naturally as close to single digit (<15%) before utilizing gear. Yes, you will lose strength as the weight comes off, but not too much, and it will go WAY up once on cycle. Maybe consider adding an oral in at the beginning of your cycle as test e is slow acting. Make sure to utilize a proper pct so that its not a waste of time. Do you have any ancillaries for the duration of your cycle?