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Starting My First Cycle

Starting a cycle of tren acetate in the beginning of september and need to make sure I got all of my info right,I’m planning on going 9 weeks at 75mg eod and following with a well planned PCT

ive been lifting for about 5 years and I’m at 190 pounds around 4 percent bodyfat,my main concern is how much I should change my diet to make maximum gains,around how many calories should I be boosting my diet too?and how much more protein will my body be able to process,

this is about the only info I havent been able to find a definite answer too any help would be great thanks in advance guys.

No, I don’t believe you have all your info right. You should probably read/research a little more. Great physic though!

what info that i have is wrong just wondering,I’ve read 75mg eod and then possibly boosting to 100mg eod after 4 or 5 weeks is a good dosage,Im running only tren no test

I know that this is frowned upon by most but Im really not looking at adding test because of the conversion to estrogen and I would really like to stay around 4 to 7 % bodyfat also ik that tren for a first cycle is normally not a good idea but it is frankly the best option for the goals I would like to achieve,

i will keep researching because I have a whole month to get my information straight and if i do not feel comfortable with what I will be doing I will not go through with the cycle,I’d also like to keep a log of workouts with pictures and what I will be eating to help other people looking for information and those who plan on running similar cycles

You would do well to add 5-10mg/day of Dbol, 100mg/wk of Test OR 250iu EOD of HCG alongside the Tren. Yes these will aromatise slightly, but only enough to provide a level of estrogen enough to keep functions running normally.
This can be further controlled with around 0.1-0.2mg/day of Adex.

Without a source of Estrogen, Tren is likely going to be uncomfortable.

Tren ace is best administered ED for smoothest blood levels and doing so minimizes potential sides like aggression, insomnia, night sweats, etc.

Also Tren is best run with at least a little aromatising AAS to prevent excessively low estrogen and complement tren’s effects. You can choose from HCG at 100iu/d or 250iu EOD, dbol - even a few 5mg doses per day, test prop - even at 100mg/w (split into daily doses - say 15mg/d mixed in same syringe with tren ace).

As for the nutritional part, I don’t really know. I would suggest trial and error - slowly add calories (preferably in the form of carbs during the workout window) and adjust according to body comp. I can tell you that the tren will facilitate leanness and favorable body comp through nutrition partitioning in a big way. Protein at around 2g/lb of body weight should suffice.

Last piece of advice is get bona fide Tren ace. It is frequently faked as the raw powder is much more expensive than testosterone or nandralone. Needless to say those two compounds are not as suited to your goals. If you are not sure of your source, it may be an option to brew your own very inexpensively from fina pellets. That way you can be 100% sure of what you are using.

I am not clear on what your goals are, but leaving test OUT of a first cycle just because you are concerned about estrogen, seems pretty silly, to me. Estrogen can be controlled with AIs. If you are really paranoid about it, use letrozole, I can promise you that with a hefty dose of letrozole, you will have no estrogen problems. The good thing about this is that you’ll likely end up with many of the same “uncomfortable” issues as you would have with just tren, but if you are using test, tren and letrozole concurrently, while maintaining a rather strict diet, you should see SIZE gains far beyond what you would with your current plan. (I’m being a little sarcastic here. If you use test/tren/letrozole the right way, you won’t have any problems at all, and will see wonderful gains in size, strength, and body comp).

Why not have the best of both worlds?

Look, you very clearly know what you are doing in the nutritional realm. As a matter of fact, I sure would like to hear exactly what it is you DO do; because if that really is you in your avatar, then you maintain a physique that probably 98% of STEROID USERS do not maintain. So get the most out of your first cycle, for cryin out loud, man! I’d LOVE to see a before and after with massive changes in a starting physique like yours!!!

Yes I’d like to hear more about your diet. Any time I tried to get leaner than maybe 10% in the past I just felt like I was wasting away, losing too much strength, and would stop. However, that was when I was a natty.

I don’t know what method the op uses but it might be an idea to try CT’s para-workout protocol. This protocol employs carbs only during the workout window and promotes leanness and LBM gains. Pair that with the amino acid pulsing strategy throughout the day and you have ratcheted up anabolism.

haha ok how about I let you guys know a little about My diet and you can give me a little more info on tren only cycles…without taking test will my gains suffer severely,like if I leave out test will I pretty much be exactly where I started by the time my pct is over that is my one question?My diet is pretty clean 8 egg whites in the morning with vegetables and some oatmeal,then i workout and I do a 20 minute jog after the workout which burns the fat very well because all of the carbohydrates and fats and energy is very low when you walk after lifting you burn fat because there is no energy left except for what your body has stored, after this I eat grilled chicken and vegetables with olive oil then later on in the day 3 low carb turkey breast wraps with all the veggies and a good amount of almonds then later on raw tuna and some more walnuts…on sundays I carb up to keep my bodies metabolism up and also stay sane and then I go fairly low carb on monday carbing up then depleting carbs works very well also,another trick is to eat alot of hot food jalepenos hot sauce all of that helps burn fat well and one more thing saturated fat is extremely low on my diet.

Hope I’m not just blabbing on telling you guys things you already know and if I was sorry for wasting your time…but again if I leave out test will I pretty much be exactly where I started gains wise by the time my pct is over?

Heh. No, man, you are certainly not blabbing. That’s good stuff about your diet. I always like to read what other people do to succeed at something and you certainly have succeeded at achieving fantastic conditioning. You are probably leaner than anyone on this forum presently with a good build to show for it and it clearly does not all come from genetics. Thanks for sharing.

As for a tren only cycle. No, it certainly will not be a waste, and I would be surprised if you ended up where you started after a proper pct as you clearly take care of yourself year round so you will probably be happy with what you end up with. Provided you do something to keep estrogen from dropping too low.

If you are just dead set on not using test, I cannot understand why, but, as was mentioned above, at least run some HCG concurrently, as you are also going to be pretty suppressed and this will both help to keep your estrogen level up (I can’t say how much or if it will be enough, someone else who knows better than I will have to weigh in) and will keep your testicles functioning well so that recovery will be easier post cycle (tren is highly suppressive). I can tell you from personal experience that when your estrogen drops too low it is pretty miserable and it does not just bounce back (sometimes for months).

I will say, one more time, that I think you are wasting some terrific synergy in not using test and tren together. Even a low dose of test, say, enough to replace your natural level (which will quickly disappear and have to be made up for by the tren in a tren only cycle) is going to make a pretty big positive difference. And if it happens to be the test sides you are worried about, I think you should read H-train’s post elsewhere on this forum, as it is perfectly suited to answer those worries.

Either way, good luck.

Cortes is right. HCG would be an excellent addition. I believe Bill Roberts mentioned that 250IU EOD would be plenty to provide the needed estrogen and that dose is what is recommended for any suppressive cycle in any case.

I think I’ve decided to take all your advice and run test prop along with my tren acetate how much per week would be a decent dose?and I’m having trouble planning out my pct with the addition of the test,if you guys could help me out that’d be great but yes ik the do your own research applies here but I’m trying haha

[quote]curls4thegirls wrote:
I think I’ve decided to take all your advice and run test prop along with my tren acetate how much per week would be a decent dose?and I’m having trouble planning out my pct with the addition of the test,if you guys could help me out that’d be great but yes ik the do your own research applies here but I’m trying haha[/quote]

You could try 250-350mg of T per week. That is a conservative dose.

What exactly are you having with regarding PCT? A prop ester is slightly longer than acetate so you’d want to wait a bit longer to start PCT than you would if you were only using acetate. SERM PCT is still appropriate for this cycle.

To replace your natural levels and provide just enough estrogen then 100mg/wk will suffice.

If you want to benefit from the effects Test can have then as Bonez suggested - around 300mg/wk will give good results with little in the way of sides use an I).