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Starting My First Cycle! Test E 500MW and Anadrol


I’m 20yr
Weight 170
Height 6,0
Just wanted to get some opions on this first cycle

First Cycle! Need Opinions

Thats it im doing anadrol and 500 test e any input.
Anyway anadrol is most liver toxic steriod out there with exception of miblerone .
Not a beginner cycle , do more research, and give back round of lifts how long you’ve training etc.
These guys here dont give advice for people who have put little planning in cycles.


You are undertrained and underfeed begginer. You don’t need steroids you need food.


give us your bf % and years training…


15%BF and 3 years of training, and I’m going to take liver and organ support by rich piana 5% with the Anadrol


Or should I just take var with the test, I’m trying to gain 15-20lbs on this cycle


Superdrol, Halo, Methyltren and Cheq drops (spelling?) are the few orals off the top of my head that are more liver toxic than anadrol, fyi.

I ran 150mg of anadrol a day, and that was not as hard on my liver as just 20mg/day of superdrol.


How toxic is winny and tbol, since on subject


I’d consider them mild compared to the ones I listed above.

I’ve ran tbol and I’m not a huge fan, but other than a small amount of aromatization, it doesn’t have really any sides, so theres that.

I tore my pec with winny, and Ive heard people are more injury prone while taking it, so be mindful of that. Winstrol will also FUCK your hair up, 10/10 would not recommend if you like your hair.


Thanks i want to add to a test , npp cycle, keep hair and , keep prostate in check. Iam on trt for life so i want a medium blast, and still pass blood work every 6 months.
I dont want to hijack thread but i also tore pec bad 14 years ago and have found ways to train around.


You could easily take 15-20 pounds with a proper training and a good diet… Health before everything my friend


So Anadrol and Test would be fine for a first cycle? Then I just finsh off with anavar and Clenbuterol, then pct after, does this sound ok?


If your recomping the 500mg a week is more than enough, then running var and clen whould sharpen things up but be careful with the clen.


Let me know if this is ok for a very first cycle
Anadrol 50MG
TestE 500MG
For first 3-4weeks
Then Anavar
Test E 500MG
For 4-8 weeks maybe less
Then pct but any opinions on which pct to take?


I would stick to just test for the first half then run the var and if your heart is set on the clen, then start as low as possible for 2 weeks then cycle off


Cycle need to be atleast 12 week when using a long ester. So your cycle should look something like this:

Weeks 1-12: 500mg test E
Weks 1-4: Anadrol 50mg/day
Weeks 8-12: Var and clen
Weeks 13-14: Nothing, let the test clear your system

Then you can begin your PCT. People will say you should discontinue the test at week 10, let the test clear for 2 weeks and then begin PCT on week 12 - I say fuck that and capitalize on those first cycle gains.

As far as PCT, I personally run nolva(20mg) and clomid(25mg) per day for 6 weeks. Some say all you need is nolva, but I personally find I recover better when I combine the two. I just came off a 1.5 year blast and cruise using this method (although I ran the PCT 8 weeks instead of the 6, only because I was shutdown for so long). Mind you, there are some very intelligent people who contribute to this forum who will disagree with me on this, but they have personally NEVER ran a PCT. Just keep that in mind.

Also keep your estrogen in check. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. If your estrogen spikes and you are unable to control it, you will be bloated, emotional, weak and have erectile dysfunction, among other things. Look into an AI like arimidex or aromasin.

Good luck, and have fun!


Thanks a lot! I’m deffenitly going to do what you said, but I should run arimadex while I’m on cycle right? For the whole 12 weeks just before I start PCT?


Let me know if this is ok for a very first cycle
Anadrol 50MG
TestE 500MG
For first 3-4weeks
Then Anavar
Test E 500MG
For 4-8 weeks maybe less
Then pct but any opinions on which pct to take, thanks guys

Also I’ve been training for 2 years 15%bf, 6,0’ 165


I would recommend just starting your first cycle off with just test… just to get the feel of things and see how your body reacts. 500 mg test and you will see plenty of gains and will be happy enough, and just then nolvedex for pct will be fine, u don’t want to slam your body with to many chemicals at once for your first time. Your heart might not take it so good


While i would strongly recommend training for longer and getting to a higher base before starting, I’ll just address the cycle even though I fear gains might not be kept as you seem to be at a lower level to start and you’d have no way to keep them.

How long is your cycle in total 4-8 weeks?

Why the anadrol and then anavar? Is there a break between them?

Is the intent of this cycle to cut, hence the clen?

A good and simple base cycle is:
-Gest for 10-12 weeks at 500-600mg.
-AI during the cycle and tapered into pct.
-Orals according to goals and plateaus.
-Good simple oral use at 4-6 weeks, depending on which ones and goals, start of cycle to kick-start or end of cycle and right up to pct (2 weeks past long esters), time off between them. Liver isn’t your concern but rather lipids and unseen/testable damage.
-A simple pct is starting around 2 weeks after your long ester and ran for 6 weeks with nolvadex at 20mg a day and tapered off the last few days. There is other options too, but doses are almost always unnecessarily high and tapered like the person thinks they know the exact date to load- higher doses at the beginning are only good for short esters and for a few days not weeks.