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Starting my First Cycle and Could Use Some Advice from the Yogis

Deleted post no response was helpful

BUMP any help please I want to know what I can do to prepare my body for this in the meantime cause I am amped to start this once I can. Do I need to drink alot of water before? and what is my diet suppose to be like once I start please help…

OH, dear god!

Come on man it’s not that I don’t know anything I just want to create a textbook to have as a reference. I am a tad lazy and was just hoping to have some kind person help me out with any links to pdfs they might have or lists of supplements etc… I thought we were suppose to support eachother here…

well I hate the pharma forum, but you sort of mentioned me by name so I feel a slight obligation.[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
I have just finished cutting from 230-170

ok, so this is a good start, but I assume you’re taking a couple of weeks of eating at maintenance before you ramp up the calories again, yes? After a serious cut your body is primed for serious fat gain, so take a couple of weeks for all your hormones to normalise.

crossfit and proper form aren’t usually associated, but ok.[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
I am looking forward to this cycle as a test of my mental will power and physical endurance

um, ok.[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
My cycle includes front loading 750mg Test-e Sunday night and 250mg Wed morning - then 250/250 sun/wed thereafte

this is fine[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
I will have HCG on hand if I decide to use that

why would you have it and not use it?[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
Arimidex to use as an AI if necessary.

fucking kill yourself. Just go outside right now, find a quiet spot and fucking kill yourself.

If you’re too chickenshit to do that, then use your AI from the start. Don’t be one of those idiots who wait for bloat or gyno signs or anything like that. High E is about way more than just gyno. Use .5mg of adex eod, or kill yourself. Your choice.

so we’re to assume you know how to dose these, and how long to wait before you start?[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
As stupid as this sounds I don’t know what workouts I should be doing

big red flag here. You want to start taking steroids before even knowing how to work out? It’s usually recommended that people have a good handle on how to train before they stick a needle in their ass, but, I dunno, yolo, I guess…[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
Maybe there is a link someone can point me to that has exercises listed or could explain in detail what I should be trying to accomplish

I’m trying not to hate you, dude, but coming in to a steroid forum and asking shit you should know and having been practicing literally for years before you even consider using AAS makes it very hard not to want to destroy everything you’ve ever loved.

well obviously protein, but no, BCAAs are not essential. Again: super simple stuff.[quote=“legobrick84, post:1, topic:229342”]
how much I need and what sources to get it from I am uncertain

Ok, this is the clincher.

You, sir, have absolutely no business using steroids. You know nothing about training or nutrition, let alone how to safely use the compounds you are planning on using.

This is how this is going to go:

You’ll not listen to me, or anyone else who is going to tell you not to use, and use your drugs anyway. When you start using you’ll probably gain 8-10lbs in the first couple of weeks, and you’ll think “dayum, I’ve got this shit locked down! Those dicks on the forum underestimated how much of a bad motherfucker I am.” Your strength’ll go up a bit too, so you’ll be feeling pretty good about yourself…

…until about 6 weeks post PCT when all the bloat is gone and strength has dropped off too. You’ll be right back where you started, crying into your “mead notebook” about how steroids are for losers anyway.

Best of luck! It’ll be a huge disaster but hopefully you’ll learn something. Or not. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. One day we’ll all be dead and no one’ll remember how much of a complete fucking spaz you were.


I mean, it seems like he’s all set, other than not knowing how to train, what to eat, or what supplements to use…sounds like a recipe for success!

OP: it’s impossible to respond without being a dick, but you show a stunning lack of self-awareness by admitting that you really haven’t planned how to train, what to eat, or what supplements to use but decided that you are ready to start using steroids. Most of these questions are square-one basics.

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Listen man - don’t. Just don’t. It’s not worth it at this point. The reality of juice is that it should be used after you’ve exhausted your natural potential which I’m sorry to say is clear you haven’t done. Just save the stuff in a drawer until you know how to actually set up your nutrition and training

“some of the unknowns”… Umm it looks like you pretty much have ALL OF THE UNKNOWNS!!

I can’t even begin to fathom the amount of stupidity in a single post…

Dropping money at GMC??? Sooooo you are buying a car now?

Anabolic Halo… Probably woulda left that part out…

Coffee… Did you really say you don’t wanna give up coffee?? Maybe you should mix the Anabolic Halo in your coffee and make the most badass supplement of all time… WOW… Just WOW!!!

“As stupid as it sounds”… Your whole post is insanely stupid…


@moosejuice0311 bro what’s this halo stuff, is it better than EQ? :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I really only read yours and @Yogi1 posts lol

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HAHA yea man you are missing out if you aren’t taking Anabolic Halo… Muscletech makes the hardest shit on the market… Plus, it says anabolic on the label, so you know it’s real… You have to pin a bottle of EQ, Test, Tren, snort Var, and do SDrol rectally in order to get the same effects as a scoop of Anabolic Halo… This guy is a fucking ass clown…

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Nope… Cut out all water… If you drink water at all the cycle won’t work… As far as your diet… I heard that not eating at all is a great way to get lean… So do us all a favor and cut all water and all food so we don’t have to deal with this stupidity anymore…

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You are one angry human being, dude.

listening to idiots ask stupid fucking questions will do that to you


Hahaaha… its comedy Wednesdays on the pharma channel… great stuff again here.

I think your one ignorant human. Do your research mate.

Didn’t use the word ignorant - ignoramus.