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Starting My D-bol Cycle


hey.. Well first of all i just wanted to know some info.. i been reading this fourm like crazy getting all the info i need to know what im doing . anyways.. the main reason im taking D-bol is to lose body fat and get size and strenght as normal.. i been lifting weights for at least 4 to 5 months my height is 168cm body fat percentage is 14% i mostly want to lose bodyfat and get cut is this the right steroid for the job . im new eating plan is great notice differnce but just not enough .. well any info and help is greatfull Thanks..


From what I've read D-bol won't get you ripped. You'll get buff as in big and somewhat bloated though


You've been lifting for 4 or 5 months?

Get real.


Some Advice:

I hope that you were joking about training for 4 or 5 months.
Train Intelligently for at least another 5 years. You will be surprised how far you will come before you require the ASSISTANCE of any drugs.

You havent trained long enough to need more than solid nutrition, sleep, and lifting.
Besides, how old are you?


Just keep reading, your probably going to do it any way, but with my best intentions, dont use these drugs yet. Save them for later.

But if your going to use them any ways, I hope you fucking die from acute liver failure. It is Immature users like you who give steroids a bad name.

By the way, Good luck.


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Shit man.......''die from acute liver failure''? wtf?

i know you disagree with him interms of using AAS, but dude....wishing someone stuff like that....that's just plane nasty



let me re say that i been lifting for 4 and half years thanks for the heads up looks like no one agress .. could have just said it normal not rude man.. and im 20 .. thanks anyways ...


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But yu said you've been lifting only for only 4 - 5 months earlier, which is it?

If you want to stay cut then dbol is not for you. I would go with something a little bit weaker like Equipoise, Primo, or even injectable winstrol.

I had a friend that used dbol and he bloated up like a water balloon. Plus the side effects are not favorable from what I hear.

I would never use it.

You need to do your research and know what your doing before you jump into using AAS.



I have a dark sense of humor.
Im really full of butterfly kisses and warm fuzzies. So stop your damn crying.

Listen, I am truthfully concerned about your situation, and I offer this advice:
1.Grind up oatmeal into powder and mix it with protein powder, then add flax-oil to it. 1.5 cups oatmeal is around 90 grams of carbs. Drink this 3 times a day between meals.
2.Eat breakfast.
3. Live and breath your goals, but dont over analyze.Dan John style.
4.Big movements burn calories. Big movements build big muscle that burn big calories. And so on.
5.Endurance work,though not always, is a poor way to improve body comp.

I did not mention anything about AAS because you should research ALL THE DETAILS of these drugs before using them. The human body is always ins earch of homeostasis, dont complicate its work.
I went from a 165lbs. Muaythai fighter to a 210lbs. powerlifter in a year without AAS. Im nothing special, I just worked hard.
Good luck.



i agree with what everybody else said. also, check out the steroid beginner thread. we all built that so guys could read up and do research...based off your question, you need research. plus, you're young now, and can learn more for a couple years before you take the "plunge"...


Dbol will get you really big, and really strong, but it wont get you really ripped and you will lose most of the size and strength when you stop taking. Dbol allso causes intense agression in many people (like me). I have only used Dbol once and it put alot of weight on me. I will probably use it again but in a lower dosage so I dont start flippin out.
Remember there is only so fast muscles can be built, when you hear of people gaining 20 pounds in 2 weeks most of it is water, its IMPOSSIBLE to put on even 10 pounds in 2 weeks, it would take soooo many calories just to build that amount of muscle. Dbol causes lots of water retention though.