Starting My Comeback Cycle Tren/Test

So here I go with a cycle. Two years ago I hurt my quad pretty bad (ripped it) and got very out of shape since. I still naturally bench raw close to 500 and my best raw lift was 635 at 310 without gear or juice. Still going to lay off heavy heavy legs for a while. My goal is to get back to 275-285 (currently 315) but much leaner and harder. HAve done cycles before with good results for different reasons in the past. Have done all thre of these gear items and had no adverse effects.

I have been back in for three months getting back into shape but now I am going to kick it up a notch. Doing Tren Ace 1 ml 100 MWF for 300/week. Doing Test Enan 250 Mondays 2 ml moving up to 3 ml 500-750 week. Also using anavar to start the cycle at 50mg MWF.

My calories are fixed for all meals but one per day at 1750 calories at a 58% protein, 24% carbs, 18%fat ratio. Plus dinner which is still pretty clean each day. Do 4 to 5 workouts weekly, plus 3 to 4 cardio sessions at 30-45 per, typically treadmill or eliptical.

Hope to see weightloss but care more about fat loss and measurements than scale weight. And bench 635 again.

Current stats before cycle started today
benching raw clean 425 for 4 to 5 at sets 8 to 10 of chest.
weigh 315
waist 42 (and pushing the button on my pants for dear life)
arms not sure but probably around 19 to 20.
chest around 56

will keep blogging and look forward to feedback as I do this 12 weeks.

Always up for help, no the calories I take in are about 2750, the ones I listed are set everyday, the rest are based on my free meal (dinner and snack) , (which is still clean like chicken breast or steak, or tuna steak, etc) plus rice or veggies, etc. Of course I also try to cycle calories somewhat boosting up and down a week to mix it up.

My protein intake is 255 grams before my last meal and snack which puts me over 300 grams of protein per day. I think I am ok here but again, always up for suggestions.

The cycle I am more intereted in, my understanding is that test enan is a once a week pin and at 500 to 750 I am taking a moderate but fair dosage

Tren ace I have always heard and read has to be done ED or EOD and I choose EOD to keep the pins down

The avavar I know that you typically take daily, even though oral but I was trying to put it in the same day mindset as my tren shot,after reading your post and researching I will go to ED with it.

Not sure if my other response posted. Other than the anavar which I was taking EOD to schedule it with the rest, I dont see the deficiency here. Always up for suggestions. After readingm and then going to research, I will switch the anavar to ED.

As far as calories, the 1750 is fixed every day and provides 255 grams of protein, 104 grams of carbs, and 40 grams of fat giving me an approx 60, 25, 20 % raatio which I think works. On top of that I have one more meal and snack which puts me over 2700 calories and over 300-350 grams of protein a day.

Ineterested in yoru thoughts.

At least do bi-weekly TE pins.

Thank you devildog, I will up the Test Enan shots to twice a week, apprciate the heads up. right after reading your post I went out and read a ton more who backed you up, whole reason I am bloggin it. So now my stack looks like:

tren ace EOD 100 per day give me 300mgs week
Anavar ED 30 mgs per day tota/weeklling 210mgs
Test E E3D 250 per to start uping to 375 per totalling 750 week.

Here we go…and while I am blogging it, last night did bi, calves and cardio, tonight is legs, cardio, abs. Only negative in first three days is the taste of anavar sucks!

Tren ace needs to be shot everyday for stable blood levels.

So here starts week two. I ate pretty clean over the weekend, did have sushi and booze saturday did have ice cream last night but all and all been eating clean. Doing my monday go round which is all three today, big chest at the gym tonight, lets see how we do, I am writing this to fire myself up some!!! Been crazy hungry, but I always am when I work out 6 straight days. Today been eating right back on schedule and not couiting what I eat after the gym, I am almost 300 grams deep of protein deep on 2300 calories. I am worried about my caloric intake, am I getting enoughm etc. I will be researching my nutrtition more. Killed it at the gym all last week, no issues, will be nice to start charting gains, too early now to see them, but excited to get them.

Week two day two, feel a little agressive but work sucks so might be side effect of work not lifting. little restless at night and waking up to pee with the volume of liquid I am drinking. Had a big day in the gym for chest yesterday, pressed 455 4 clean, off the rack myself, and got 475 3 times with a lift, this at the end of 8 work sets of flat chest, so happy there. Hit Hammer Incline hard with sets of ten over 460, so thats coming back. Tonight did back and bi’s which I nomnrally dont like and the bi’s of course were not up to my normal, so I think my new split is
M Heavy Chest, abs
T Heavy Bi’s, calves
W Legs, abs
Th rep chest work, Shoulders, Tri’s,
F Back, light Bi’s, calves
S Core and make up
Sunday eat my face off and sleep

4 to 5 cardio sessions per week

Still worried about caloric intake, gonna read more tonight and think I have my PCT figured out which I dont need for like 12 weeks but hey, whos counting.

You should have your PCT figured before you start your cycle. Good luck with your cycle!

Thank you and your right razil, have my PCT taken care of. Doing HCG and Novladex, Ill save the dosage for later. I had a great shopulder work out last night topped it off with my final press set (in front of the head) at 365 for 6. My shrugs were ok, ned to start bringing my wraps back to the gym so I can put more weight on the bar but 405 for 12 was pretty easy for sets.

Want to go heavier. , have hit real hard four straight days. already done four cardio sessions and had my self calipered so I will be able to test it too. Feel good, will pst more Monday, uped my prtein intake and taking in 200 grams a day in shakes plus 250 real food. Cant wait for my cheat meal, and been hungry as hell. I might try to switch the tren to ED but hate dealing with pins daily, not that EOD is much different.

posted a shit ton of info on Tuesday, guess I forgot to save, oh well.

Back to 495 for three reps clean monday.
leg pressed 950 for 8 clean reps at end of workout
shrugs back to 5 plates
shoulder press back to 4 plates for reps
heavy back today we shall see how we do

doing cardio but probaly need to up intensity some,

seen increaases in all groups. alright, week 3 in the books after today, (tomorrow will do core and cardio but nothing crazy)

another good week of eating clean, breaking through barriers and starting to feel it, test is starting to get in my system, again not eating enough but adding more whole food back in. Been a little aggressive but no too bad, some insomnia. Sex drive is off the chart right now. Gonna have a big cheat meal tonight and one on Sunday. Excited to see if I can keep increasing again next Monday, we shall see. Little sore in my elbows from the weight increases, will watch it

Are you planning on using the HCG after you are finished injecting your roids?? It is an accepted practice around here that HCG is used on-cycle to keep the size of your testicles the same; as well as keep them pumping out test to aide in the recovery after you finish your cycle. If you are going to use HCG, perhaps start using it halfway into injecting(week 6); and discontinue it at around week 13 or 14, beginning your nolvadex and other stuff (ZMA, some like tribulis products)

Just so you know, I have never used HCG, just read a lot and spoken with people in real life about it. One guy I knew (who took way to many ergogenic aids) would inject like 5-10,000 IU’s. It is commonly accepted here that 250-500 IU’s of HCG every other day (every day?) is ample, and will not immediately desensitize the leydig cells in your nuts or destroy them…

Bushido, I have never done complexes as detailed on thi ssite, of course I have done supersets but seems like a brutal way to finish up

Idowhat, from what I have read and talking with folks who do, my intent was to start the HCG 1.5 weeks before my cycle ends and keep it going until one week before I quit the Novladex which will be starting two weeks after and ending five weeks after my cycle. My test level is so high right now, (I am a walking horndog) I think I am ok, definitely dont want to crash down or lose my gains so PCT is so important to me so up for suggestions.

Update on lifts this week (week 4) so far,
Broke through on bench again last night which felt good, 495 for four clean, 515 for 3 with a bump, and that was after 135,225,315,405,425,455 and then did 315 for 20 reps to end flat. Incline went up barbells only go to 120 at my gym, gonna have to figure that out but doing them last and getting 12-15 good reps for sets so I feel like they are still working.

Biceps and calves tonight just killed it. Up to barbell curls with 165 for 8-10. and all bi lifts are up in weight.

Gonna kill legs tomorrow and shoulders Thursday, just have to stay focused. by weeks end I am definitely sore as shit from the workouts, might try to find some post workout recovery shit on top of just protein to aid. Wanted to avoid creatine just cause I know I am prone to water because of the AAS and dont want to hold more.

Little more cranky than usual and wanted to tear someone’s head off more than normal, but not too bad. Insomnia for sure and pissing throughout the night from th eliquid intake. At least using one of the middle piss breaks to drink a quick protein shake now.


Ok, So I was out of town for turjey day last week, but even before that I kinda blew it with a drinking night last sunday. kileed my bench and everything else last week, not bad but no gains to speak off. This week came in and started week off right.

I am weighing the same but losing inches on my waist and growing on my arms, chest etc.
Big chest night, skipping the small sets here went 4556, 4954, 5253, 4954, 4556 and real proud of 31526 to finish flat. Still did good incline but was fried from the flat attack.

Good bicep work tonight, also broke through plateaus capping with barbell curls for 160*10. Calves are getting big, working them hard.

ok, here starts week 8. No doubt cardio is much harder to do than usual at high level,figuring thsat is the tren, tried to climb a watrfall and itabout killed mehalf way up and I have been tthe top before. now it is a no bs hike but stil, my legs feltlike they were gonna lock up. My weight is abut the same but definitely getting bigger in the right places but not really lost elsewhere but still look far better with some curves back, etc.

Tonight was bench and my sets went warmup, 435 for 8, 455 for 6, 510 for 4, 545 for 3, 495 for 4, 455 for 7, 315 for 28. Coming back nicely but same as last week except increased first set so ierested to see where next week goes, other lifts all going up too but really focused on chest, incline tonight went big with top side at 485 for 2 and 465 for 4. did negatives tonight and they killed me also. stay tuned

Wek 12, about tostart PCT during my lifts, strentgh has been huge. 325 for 29 reps. Startng 5 for 5s tonightto switch up lifts, last pyramid was 445x8, 470x6, 535x3, 560x2, 495x4, 470x6, then the 32 for 29. Some elbow pain I am dealing with and my dit has gone to shit, going to up cardio thi smonth becusse I feel like I am way out of cardio shape. here we go…