Starting Log to Get Serious

I have to keep record of my workouts for obvious reasons and i thought here would be a great place to do it. Here is my current routine:
All weights are recorded in lbs.

Current Stats: 7/13/09
Age: 14
Height: 5’5" approx.
Weight: 122.5lbs
Max bench: 140 approx.
Max squat: 120 approx.
Max deadlift: N/A

Weight: 150 I think i set this a little to high. I weighed in at 130 morning weight at the end.
BP: 160 ACHIEVED 10/15/09 Bench 165x1
Squat: 160 ACHIEVED 10/13/09 Squat 200x1!
Deadlift: 175 ACHIEVED 10/17/09 200x1.
DEADLINE: 10/31/09

Monday-lower body

Squats: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weigth and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Front Squats: 3 sets of 8-10. Add 5-10 pounds every week for all sets.
Leg press: 3 sets of 8-10
Lunges: 4 sets of 8-10
Calves: 3-4 sets to failure. Use slow reps. Add 5 pounds per week for all sets.

Wednesday-Chest and triceps

Bench Press: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weigth and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Flat Dumbbell Bench Press: 2 sets of 8-10. Try to increase the weight as often as possible. It is harder with dumbbells.
Close Grip Bench Press: 3 sets of 5. This is a core lift. Add 5-10 pounds every week.
Tricep Pushdowns: 2 sets of 10. Add weight every week. When you can do the stack for every set do weighted dips.

Friday-Back and Biceps

Deadlifts: 5 sets of 5 with the same weight. Start with a moderate weigth and add 5-10 pounds every week.
Barbell Rows: 3 sets of 6-8 reps. Try to add weight every week though it wont always be possible. Strive to make personal records.
Barbell Shrugs: 3 sets 8-12 reps. Try to add weight every week.
Hyperextensions: 3 sets of 10-15 reps. These are for rehab and preventitive strengthening of the lower back (use a lighter weight for this exercise).
Barbell Curls: 5 sets of 5 reps. Start with a moderate weigth and add 5 pounds every week.

Delt Triad: 10-15 reps each exercise
seated rear delt raises: 4 sets of 10-12 reps

Yes i know there is a bunch of typos and the word weight is spelled wrong like 12 times but i got it off and didn’t feel like fixing all the errors.

I put in one shoulder workout since there wasnt really any shoulder work in the program. Also i had to add stuff to monday because the original didnt take up enough time since i basically carpool to and from the gym.

NOTE: i have made changes to the orignal workout off of and i may edit this page to reflect those changes.


3 warm-up sets of 45-15, 65-12, 75-8
5 working sets of 80lbs for 5 reps each

Leg press:
3 sets of 90 for 8 reps.

DB lunges:
4 sets

  1. 25-8
  2. 25-7
  3. 20-8
  4. 20-8

DB toe raises (calves):

  1. 40-25
  2. 45-20
  3. 45-25
  4. 45-25


BB bench press:
3 warm up sets of 45-15 65-12 75-8
5 working sets of 95lbs for 5 reps each

DB bench press:
3 working sets of 35lbs for 8 reps each

Close grip Bench press:
2 warm up sets of 45-12 65-8
3 working of 70lbs 8 reps.

Tricep cable rope pushdowns:
2 sets of 10 reps 50lbs each set


2 warm-up sets of 45x12 and 65x8
5 working sets of 5 reps each with 75lbs

BB rows:
3 sets of 8 reps with 95lbs

Didn’t do shrugs today

3 sets with 30lbs 15 reps each

Barbell curls:
5 sets of 5 reps with 50lbs.


Delt triad: 12.5lbs 10 reps each exercise,(lateral raise, frontal raise, DB press) 3 total sets.

Seated rear delt raises:

  1. 15x12
  2. 17.5x10
  3. 17.5x10
  4. 17.5x10

DB 2-hand overhead extension:

  1. 25x12
  2. 30x10
  3. 35x10
  4. 40x8

tricep kickbacks:

  1. 20x10
  2. 22.5x10
  3. 25x8 }
  4. 30x8 } i don’t think my form was too good on these two sets.

Decline tricep extensions:

  1. 20x10
  2. 22.5x8
  3. 22.5x

Dips between benches:

  1. 40 reps
  2. 35 reps
  3. 30 reps
  4. 25 reps


Back squat:
warm-up 65x10 85x8
5x5 with 90lbs

Front squat:

Leg press:

DB lunges:

DB toe raises (calves):


Delt triad:

  1. 15lbs, 10 reps each exercise.
  2. 15lbs, 10 reps each exercise.
  3. 15lbs, 10 reps each exercise. <—Had to do some rest/pause to crank this set out.

Seated rear delt raises:

  1. 17.5x12
  2. 20x10
  3. 20x8
  4. 17.5x10

Alternating DB curls:

  1. 25x10
  2. 30x8
  3. 30x8
  4. 25x8

Incline curls:

  1. 15x10
  2. 17.5x8
  3. 17.5x8
  4. 17.5x8

Hammer curls:

  1. 22.5x6
  2. 22.5x8
  3. 22.5x7
  4. 25x6

---------------Didn’t have time to do forearms, plan to do them later in the day------------------
Wrist curls over bench:

Reverse wrist curls over bench:


BB bench:
warm-up 65x12 85x8
5x5 100lbs

DB bench:

  1. 35x10
  2. 40x8
  3. 40x8

Close grip bench press:
Warm-up 65x8

  1. 75x8
  2. 75x8
  3. 75x8

Cable rope tricep pressdowns:

  1. 60X10
  2. 60X10
  3. 50X10 <----had enough extra time to complete a third set.

Thursday, Had to do fridays workout now because i wouldnt be in town on friday

warm-up: 65x10 85x8
5x5 95

BB rows:

  1. 100X8
  2. 100X8
  3. 100X8

BB shrugs:

  1. 100x12
  2. 115x8
  3. 115x8


  1. 40x12
  2. 30x15
  3. 30x15

BB curls:
5X5 60LBS


  1. 10
  2. 6
  3. 6
  4. 4

DB curls:

  1. 25x8
  2. 25x8


Warm-up 65x12 85x8
5x5 100lbs

Front squat:

  1. 70X8
  2. 70X8
  3. 70X8

Leg press:

  1. 180x8
  2. 180x7
  3. 90x12


  1. 25x8
  2. 25x8
  3. 20x8

standing DB calf raise:

  1. 45x30
  2. 50x20
  3. 50x25


Bench press:
warm-up 70x12 95x8
5x5 105

DB bench

  1. 45x8
  2. 45x7
  3. 40x6

Close grip bench press
warm-up 65x8

  1. 80x8
  2. 80x8
  3. 80x8

cable rope pushdowns

  1. 60x10
  2. 50x10


warm-up 85x10 95x8 115x5
5x5 125

BB rows

  1. 95x8
  2. 95x10
  3. 95x8


  1. 25x12
  2. 25x12
  3. 10x15

Barbell curls:
5x5 60


warm-up 85x12 100x8
5x5 115

Front squat:

  1. 75x8
  2. 75x8
  3. 75x8

Leg press:

  1. 180x8
  2. 180x8
  3. 180x8

Didn’t have time to do any other exercises. For some reason squats took me much longer than usual


Barbell bench:
warm-up: 85x12 100x8
3x5 115 2x5 110. Couldnt get all 5 set with 115

DB bench 45x8 45x6 40x8 My triceps did a lot here.

close grip bench press
warmup 70x10

  1. 85x8
  2. 85x6
  3. 75x7 Couldnt pull out 85 for all sets and had to drop the last one down to 75lbs.

Cable rope pushdowns:

  1. 50x10
  2. 50x10 Focusing on really ripping the rope apart at the end of the movement.


Missed workout because of family vacation.

8/10/09 8/12/09 8/14/09 and 8/17/09 couldnt get to gym unfortunately

Finally getting back into the gym today. ill post later on how it went.


Bench press:

5x5 115

I was happy about this since i wasnt able to complete all five sets of that weight 2 weeks ago and after missing one workout i was able to complete all 5 sets.

DB bench:

  1. 40x6
  2. 35x7
  3. 35x8 the BB bench took a lot of my energy and i wasnt able to use 45lb DB’s. I also think that when i was using 45’s my triceps were doing most of the work.

Close grip bench press:
warmup: 70x7


  1. 75x7
  2. 75x6
  3. 75x6

My weight on these dropped a bit but ill just work back up.

Cable robe pressdowns:

  1. 65x10
  2. 60x10

I missed 2 friday workouts in a row so i was glad to be a the gym today

Warm-up 85x8 95x8 105x8
5x5 125

BB rows:

  1. 95x10
  2. 95x8
  3. 95x8


  1. 25x12
  2. 10x12
  3. 10x12

I was really feeling it in my lower back after those deadlifts and hyperextensions.
Unfortunately i didn’t have time to work on biceps.


I had taken 2 weeks off because of a slightly strained groin. I have been stretching it for those 2 weeks but today i did 85x10 95x8 105x6 for a warmup and after the set with 105 my groin was feeling tight again so there goes another week of squatting. SHIT.

Leg press:

  1. 180x3
  2. 180x3
  3. 180x3


  1. 20x8
  2. 25x8
  3. 20x8

seated calf raises: <— first time using a machine for calves

  1. 25x20
  2. 25x20
  3. 25x20
  4. 25x20