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Starting Keto Diet on TRT

I’m wondering if starting ketosis will effect my hormone levels. My guess would be it could alter/Lower estrogen.
Has anyone got any thoughts or experience with this?
My current body fat is about 12% so I’m quite lean anyway, going onto keto might reduce my body fat slightly.
My current protocol is 70mg Test E twice weekly.
0.3mg Arimidex twice weekly with injections.

I feel great when on keto but find it basically impossible to gain muscle mass (at least at a reasonable rate). I now do low carb with the only carbs I eat in my first meal and do intermittent fasting where I eat all meals within an 8 hour period. It’s not the best thing for promoting muscle mass but it’s a good compromise. I find carbs make me feel lethargic unless in very small amounts. I’m by no means the poster boy for diet here so definitely wait for better advice but this keeps me lean & feel good mentally while still able to gain strength and mass.