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Starting Judo, Lifting Once/Week?


Hi, I'm starting Judo on september 14, I did some submission wrestling, not much something like 6 mouths, but at that time (3 years ago) I was not strength training like I am right now. Anyway, I want to put strenth training on hold for a while and really focus on judo.

I've been doing Jim Wendler's 531 for about 6 mounths now with great gains (bodybuiling routine before that). I was thinking about only going to the gym once a week and only keeping bench press and deadlift as my main 531 exercises plus some assistance like unilateral work and upper back work.

Has someone here trained only once a week while focusing on a martial art for a few mounths ? What was the outcome, where you able to at least maintain strength ?



Why not hit the 3 big on your one workout day? Squat/bench/dead.

Also I think the 5/3/1 has a 1 day a week template you could follow.


Squatting and deadlifting on the same day never worked well for me, especially if you were shooting for an ME type day. Too much. Just my experience.


Lifting for martial arts is different than just lifting to be a better lifter, don't bulk yourself up to be slow.


How about you don't spread old, ridiculous dogmas on this board?


I trained twice a week while doing MA up to 6 days per week. Training that much your weight stays down and tbh strength gains were slow. I'd imagine they'd be better if you were only doing MA 3 sessions/week and really focusing on nutrition/recovery as well.
My split was
day 1

day 2
squat,pulldown,overhead press

arms thrown in if you felt like it. there was about 2 -3 days between the sessions and only 2 sessions per week.

Why not ask your judo coach for a template or go to a judo specific forum? Sometimes though they tend to be old school with the weight training.

I think that they would include olympic lift variants for explosive power.Another thought is to go to a wrestling forum - the fitness/power aspect would be similar.

How about those exercises i mentioned for 5 x 5 and then 2-5 further sets with 50% less weight and focusing on speed.

good luck.


How often are you going to be doing Judo?


I will be going at least 3 times and max 5 times and on off day I will work on cardio.

Thanks everyone for the advices, giving me lots of idea.


stop posting here.





these threads always seem ? I dont know strange....

No one starts with stating their current fitness level- either their lifts, or frequency of training
and it always seems to be I have been training a while and a while is like 3 months.

Every one tries to invent the wheel or reinvent it.

Every one also wants to train on an olympic or pro fighter level,

then when you read about their actual training

they can do 7 pull ups, or run 3 miles but takes breaks between miles.
but still want to train at an advanced level.

am I wrong to think this is silly?

No one ever discusses how they are paying for 3 to 5 days of training a week,
shit aint cheap when you start.

Its ok to be a beginner or new, but you don't need to train like your peaking for a fight,
yes I preach the

skillwork, conditioning, Iron priotity mantra,

but really if your are new to any kind of martial training, keep doing what your doing,

where it be 5.3.1, 5x5 or your upper lower split bb style until it hampers your recovery.
when it starts to make recovery for your skill work, etc harder or slower change It up then.

see if you gas, see if your grip holds up, see if your legs are shaky after a class or two,
see if your too stiff or lack flexibility.

then think about how to prioritize your training.



shit loads of deadlifts (clean style) should help. Great for grip, which what you need in judo.



What are you on about? It is not an old ridiculous dogma, if he uses a bodybuilding routine he is not going to be as explosive as he should be.

You want to be strong, but have strength that lasts through training or a match.


He should probably stop eating too.....you know, to increase speed.


Guys, with respect you are mostly bodybuilders or people who lift just to be big and strong. So dont think your routines are always suitable for someone training for sport, especially something as demanding as Judo.


Who in FUCK do you think you're talking to? What the FUCK do you know about any of us, what are goals are, what we have done or are trying to do? Who among us follows a "bodybuilder" routine?

Oh, wait, you're a 2009er. Big fucking surprise. Another barely coherent moron to throw on the ever-increasing stack.


Jeez calm down mate...

All I am saying is you all offer the same advice. Bench/ Deadlift squat...

How often do you see martial artists just doing that over and over again?



The benchpress is LAUGHED AT by top martial arts sports specific coaches.


And you retards always encourage it. It is an ISOLATION EXERCISE, not good for martial arts.


My balls must be showing here. Big time.

I have two questions - 1) Why is everyone who joined in 2009 a moron? And 2) How did they find their way to this forum? We were dodging them so well...


Nevermind. Gotta be a troll.


No im not a troll.

Just goes to show you ARE all meatheads who know zero about martial arts specific strength and conditioning if you still think the bench press is a good exercise for martial artists.