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Starting Jan 1st 2006


300mg Test E. - One day on 2 days off (14 weeks)

300mg EQ - One day on 2 days off (14 Weeks)

100mg Test P. - ED (Week 15 & 16)

10mg DBOL 3 x Day aka Every 5 hours (First 4 Weeks) [6:00/11:00/4:00]

500mg HCG every 4th day (16 Weeks)

1.25mg Letro - EOD (16 Weeks)

Clomid PCT 4 weeks starting 20 days after last EQ/Test E Injection


Well thought out in my book. The only thing i would change is when you start the clomid. I never did see why people wait 20 days or whatever, yeah i know half lives and ester lenghts and what not, but how do you really know exactly when your body will be responsive to the clomid. It is so cheap i just advise startin 1 week after your last shot and go 4 weeks, but in all your plan looks solid.


You could probably get by with shooting the test and eq e4d as opposed to e3d...Keep the dose the same as this will equate to ROUGHLY 525MG of each weekly, which is plenty.
HCG adm is such a controversial subject, but since pregnyl lists the half-life at 33hrs, I don't see the point in taking it e4d.

If it were me, I'd run some tribulus throughout the cycle, and then for the two weeks prior to starting clomid therapy, include the hcg at 250iu/d. Good luck w/ the cycle!



Are you running the Tribulus to keep the balls running instead of the HCG? I might add that in... Would you run the hcg at the end for the two weeks then start the clomid?