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Starting Insulin First Time

ok. I have been doing steroids for a number of years now and im looking to boost beyond anything I’ve ever done. I am looking at trying insulin, i have done lots of reading and plan to do more.
The question i have is can i stack insulin with a cycle of steroids. for example this is my 10 week up coming cycle

week1- 750mg enanthate
week2- 750mg en
week3- 750mg en
week4- 750mg en/300mg prop
week4- same
week5-750mg en /300mg prop/300mg tren 40mg d-bole per day
week 6-10 same.

can i add insulin to this.

Not that I am an expert or anything but if you are going to use insulin and you are not sure what types of steroids you can use it with you probably better research a little more.
disclaimer: I have zero knowledge on how to safely use insulin.