Starting in a Couple Weeks - Routine

My shoulder seems like it will be ok to go for lifting again in 2-3 weeks (finally after 7 months) and to take up my spare time I thought I’d find a routine to be happy with so I can go all out when I get back…

(problem with my right shoulder: no pain, just can’t contract right pec properly and it’s a little less stable than left - as long as I maintain a balance in my exercises I can train with quite a bit of intensity when it gets better)

Ok it’s a 3-way split done twice a week, so I will be training 6x a week (I have free time - I hate sitting around doing nothing, so I will be at the gym)

Wednesday & Saturday: Quads / Chest & abs
4 x 12 - Back Squat
3 x 8 - Leg press
3 x 12 - Barbell lunge

4 x 6 - Barbell bench press
3 x 8 - Incline dumbbell bench press
3 x 8 - Pec deck
3 x 12 - Dumbbell pullover

3 x 20 - Hanging leg raise
3 x 20 - Weighted crunch
3 x 20 - Weighted back extension

*At least 1 hour rest period between Quads & Chest so I can keep the blood in the muscle groups.

Thursday & Sunday: Back / Hamstrings / Calves
48 reps - Wide-grip pull ups
2 x 6 - Deadlift
3 x 8 - T-bar row
3 x 8 - Lat pulldown
3 x 8 - Seated cable row

4 x 6 - Standing leg curl
4 x 8 - Lying leg curl

3 x 25 - Hack calf raise
3 x 40 - Seated calf raise

*At least 30 min rest between Back, Hamstrings & Calves so I can keep the blood in the muscle groups.

Friday & Monday: Shoulders / Arms / Calves
4 x 6 - Military press
3 x 8 - Arnold press
3 x 12 - Lateral raise
3 x 12 - Rear delt flyes

superset - Barbell curl
4 x 8 - Triceps pushdown

4 x 12 - Hack calf raise
4 x 20 - Seated calf raise

*At least 30 min rest between Shoulders, Arms & Calves so I can keep the blood in the muscle groups.

I will keep the weight the same throughout the sets and aim for failure each set. For progression, I will keep the weight the same and gradually double the sets above, I will try to get all exercises to around 12 reps also, then finally decrease the rest time.

4 x 6 - Bench press > same weight
4 x 12 - Bench press > same weight
8 x 12 - Bench press > add gradual weight from here on after.

Of course this is just a guideline, if I feel it’s too much volume i’ll just progress by increasing weight/reps instead.

Ok so thats it, of course I’ll eat tons of food (clean) with most of my protein coming from beef.

Sample diet (wednesday: quads/chest)
9am - protein shake
11am - 4 slices wheat bread, 8oz chicken (2 sandwhiches)
12:30pm - 1lb beef, rice
3:15pm - protein shake
3:45pm - 4:45pm - train quads
post-workout - optimum recovery
6:30pm - 1lb beef, rice
8pm - 9pm - train chest & abs
11:30pm - 1lb beef, 2 eggs

What you guys think? Feel free to pick it apart as much as you want, shall I remove exercises? change some up with different ones? go heavier? go lighter?

I will not be doing any full body or upper/lower split routines however, as I hate them.

7 months is a long time out, have you completed the rehab that goes with the op?

Was not an operation, did not require rehab, wasn’t anything serious, heres what happened in as short as I can say:

carried too heavy bag for couple months over one shoulder, went to train chest, suddenly could only feel one pec, right shoulder took over the right pec completly.

Looked in mirror, right shoulder lower than the other. Didn’t really know what was wrong, kept training, didn’t go away.

Stopped training for a while - still didn’t go away. Came back later, still hadn’t fixed itself.

Went to various physios, chiropractors etc. no one knew what was wrong.

Recently went to sports therapist, noticed the problem: unbalance traps (right much stronger), caused under-active rhomboids.

It feels better now I have been doing exercises to strength my rhomboids/lower trap, hopefully when I go back and train chest I can feel both chest muscles as opposed to one chest muscle and a deltoid :stuck_out_tongue:

So what about the program?

Was the program so good that it rendered everyone speechless resulting in no replies, or the opposite?

I read the first day… Quads, Chest and Abs. If i remember correctly you are pretty de-conditioned due to a neuromuscular injury rendering you incapacitated for the past year or so from a bag. No?

This program is ADVANCED. really. 6x a week. 10 sets of compound leg work. 13 sets for chest?

I would have thought you would be at:
Barbell Squat x4
T Bar Row x4
Bench press x3
Seated Military x3
Dips x2
Barbell Curl x2
Crunches x4

3-4x a week?

Upto you, but that is a hell of a lot of work for a little fella like you…


I did a cycle of it a couple weeks ago now and it felt good, but I just couldn’t continue because of my fucking shoulder.

I just hate sitting around, I mean this stupid thing with my shoulder has prevented me from training for almost 8 fucking months now. If I broke my fucking arm or something I would be back in the gym by now. I think if it’s not better within a month I am just going to go balls out and train like this anyway.