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Starting Hypertrophy Offseason Phase, 5'11 201lbs

Just did a powerlifting meet this past weekend in the 198lb class. This morning I weighed in at 201lbs. Im going to spend the coming weeks in a hypertrophy phase to add more muscle and size onto my frame before I prep for my next competition.

5’11 201lbs, 25years old.
5 years training experience, 2 years Powerlifting.
Hypertrophy phase 6 days a week:
Tuesday- Shoulders/Upper Chest
Wednesday- Deadlifts/Back
Thursday- Bench/Chest
Friday- Arms
Saturday- Squats/Posterior Chain

Consuming roughly 3400 calories on workout days, about 240g protein, 400 carbs, the rest fat.

After my Workout Today

Back From The other Day

I’ll update back and legs tomorrow, heres a 630 deadlift PR though from my competition. I was pretty happy with that. 650 in the near future.

Legs and update back, couldnt get good light for the back from a tripod. Im damn fluffy after post meet binge. Quads/hammies measured 27inches flexed. Not much but good for 500lb plus squats and 600lb plus deadlifts. Spending the next 2-3 months adding size. Calves are a lost cause.