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Starting HRT: What To Expect?


Hey Guys, Doc says I have low testosterone (due to a testicle injury from a urologist)...

I always wondered why i would kill myself in the gym, eat 4000+ cals, avoid overtraining and get good sleep, and never get bigger or actually would get weaker and lose size.

I just want to know what to expect from the hrt treatment. I don't know what he's gonna give me or the mg's so general info would be appreciated. I was in the 300 ng range and sometimes lower...

Will i experience rapid muscle gain and fat loss?

Strength increases?

Any precautions on the HRT i should discuss with my doc?



Its hard to say without knowing what the doc is going to give you an how much.



You may have a gradual gain of some lean muscle and some fat loss.

your 'pumps' in the gym may be better.

topical treatments are the usual method of hrt, but some docs do injections instead.

usual conserns range from gynocomastia, sterility/ testicular atrophy, increase in libdo/ aggression uncomfortable for partner. there may be others that you might think of.


HRT is not like a gear cycle. HRT is the medicinal use of gear, so NO you won't get any steroid-like effect. You'll gain maybe 5 lbs of muscle over 6 months and feel better, less depression, and so forth.

Use Testim and try to talk your doc into Finasteride for BPH.

Good Luck!