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Starting HRT, Need Experienced Information


Well, I got my blood results back and they were not good.

167 Testosterone
177 Estrogen
30 Free T

Well at least that explains the moodiness and 130 pound weight gain in the past two years.

So all of this was performed by a company that I found while researching here on high levels of E and low T. I'll refrain from naming the company because I want this to be about information to assist on my road back to look great nekid, not a commercial. However, if anyone wants to know, ask and ye shall receive.

After a doctors appointment I received via UPS yesterday:

Testosterone Enanth - Injection 0.5 ml twice a week
HCG Injection 0.6 ml twice a week
Anastrozole .75 mg capsules 3X week
Clomiphene Citrate .51 mg capsules daily
Pregnenolone .50 mg capsules daily
DHEA .50 mg capsules daily

It's also been recommended to take Rezveratol (sp) which I already take Rez-V, as well as fish oils and ZMA at night.

What I would be curious to know is if anyone as any recommendations of additional supplements I should or shouldn't take. Are any of the t-boosters now just a waste of time since I'm taking this.

I'm retesting in 45 days to make any adjustments necessary and possibly to add HGH.

By initial plan is to follow CW's training protocols to maintain or improve my strength while dropping the weight, eating essentially a t-dawg 2.0 style of diet.

Oh, some quick stats.
42 y.o
an atrocious 327 lbs

I had been a serious weight trainer for 20 plus years, I'm a former special ops soldier, so I believe that once my levels are somewhat back to normal I can generate phenomenal workouts, but am now completely de-conditioned.

Some questions that I have are...
From what I understand Pregnenolone and DHEA can be gotten from other sources for probably less money, however these are pharmaceutical grade, is there a reputable and less expensive place to get them?

I have a friend that lives in Mexico and is willing to send me my prescriptions. Any caveats to be aware of, or are there any research companies that you folks trust where I can refill mine once we know the levels I should be at?

I'm going to start a blog on here to keep track of my progress and of course any imput from the amazing minds that are on here is always greatly appreciated.

For instance, last night was my first injection and this morning was the first time in I don't know how long I woke up with morning wood and was actually passionate about having sex with my woman. Man, that was fun! I had forgotten what that was like.

Thanks for reading my post and I appreciate any input.

Yours in Health,


Search for anything written by Happydog or KSman, in this forum. They know more than most doctors.



The Clomiphene Citrate (Clomid) is a concern. Long term use of SERMs is not a good idea and there really shouldn't be any need for it with the anastrozole.

In your situation, "natural T boosters" would definitely be a waste of time and money.

People respond differently to anastrozole, so be prepared to adjust your dosage as needed.

You can buy pregnenolone and DHEA over the counter and they are just as "pharmaceutical grade" as what you're getting now. Likewise for the anastrozole.

The problem with Mexican pharmaceuticals is that counterfeit meds are very common in Mexico and unless you're an expert in recognizing them, you'll have no way to know for sure that you're getting the real deal.

Be aware that it is very common for guys starting out on TRT to feel like superman for the first week or so and then not so much as you adjust. Enjoy the honeymoon, because afterward, you will probably have to work at dialing in your dosages.


Thanks for the reply HD. I think I remember seeing in one of your post while I was researching that you use or know of renewman.com. This is the company that I'm going through.

I am curious about research labs and how reputable they are. I know Anthony Roberts has referred to them in his writings. To be honest though, I'm always worried that it's a front for the FDA and not only will I receive a package but the person delivering it will be a federal agent. Any suggestions on that front will be appreciated.

Thanks for the information on how I may feel later on. One of the reasons I started a blog was to help myself keep track of the progress or regression I will be having.

Any suggestions on diet/training?



Research chemicals are not controlled substances. There is nothing illegal about buying or selling them.

As for being reputable, I've been using ONE (hint-hint) of the better known places for years and their service is excellent.

Advice on diet and training? That's easy - eat like a diabetic and train like an animal!