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Starting 'How to Power Clean' Routine

I’m about to start the program in the “How To Power Clean” article. But, there’s not really any Upper Body type of exercises (I understand the power clean is great for your traps, but it’s not really an upper body exercises). Would it be smart to add upper body exercises on the days i don’t practice the power clean OR is that asking too much for my body?

How long have you been training?

If your leaning the lifts properly your back will be fried from the lack of experience with the positions and how straight you will need to keep you back for, for the reps. Hits your lower back more then the upperback imo. People aren’t use to bending over and keeping the 2nd pull position properly.

You can add it but I wouldn’t go over board.

Less is more also, your diluting the articles worth by adding extra stuff that it doesn’t say to do.


I do not think it would be to much, how many times per week do you do cleans in that program?