Starting HCG

so i have been reading up on hcg and am completly lost about ready to start my cycle im doing

wks 1-10 750mgs of Test 250
wks 1-4 50mgs of dol e/d
wks 1-10 400 mgs eq each

I have 10,000 iu of hcg and dont know how to use it i’ve heard of using it during a cycle like 500iu every 5 days and ive heard of using it after a cycle at dosages of like 1,500 iu twice a week…but it doesnt last very long once mixed so im scared it will go bad…

and where do i inject when i do start using it… ive done a test/dbol cycle b4 and always injected in my quads. what would be the best any advice would be appreciated.

Get yourself some insulin syringes. HCG is water based, as you know, so no need for large gage syringes. Inject 250iu SC/SQ EOD during cycle to keep the testes responding to LH with T production. SC/SQ means non-intramuscular. Inject into the abdomen fat. As an example, you could draw 1000iu’s into the insulin syringe and inject 1/4 or 250iu’s EOD(every other day).

Make sure to clean the syringe with alcohol everytime and also be very careful when recapping the syringe as to not dull the needle. Hipe this answers all your question. The insert that came with your HCG most likely says that once constituted, only good for 30 days. I use mine until it is gone and testes stay full and no testicle pain. OH, keep it in the frig once mixed

I would recommend running 250iu the day before or after each shot - for example if you are shooting your test/EQ on MON and THU, take your HCG on TUE and FRI. It might be easier just to take on the weekends, but I prefer to space it out. (OF NOTE: I personally use 400iu during cycles, but most seem to recommend and use 250iu on the given schedule) Your 10000iu will last you the entire cycle; if you use 500iu per week I’d use one 5000iu vial for 6 weeks and throw away the rest and then use the other one for 6 more for example, if you use 800iu then adjust accordingly.

It has no place in PCT, but could be used as a PRE-PCT during the weeks that you are waiting for your exogenous levels to fall low enough to start PCT; but then again why use it to ‘bring your balls back’ before starting PCT, when you can use small doses during your cycle to ‘maintain your balls’?

I have used HCG that is 5 weeks old without noticing any problems or difference, I would say that 6 weeks+ should be fine)

I like to add the water to the HCG vial and use the vial just like a vial of AAS. For example if you were to add 5ml of water then each ml would be 1000iu and each 1/10 would be 100iu

  • you would then start with a standard 3ml syringe and needle and take you HCG from the fridge and withdraw the amount you wish
  • replace the needle with a 29g or 30g needle and pick a spot, you can use any area that you wish, just inject into fatty tissue ideally, though you can inject into muscle just fine, it just has a shorter “ACTIVE” life when injected into the muscle and is only ideal if injected everyday or maybe everyother day. I personally do not like the abs too much as I always tend to hit a vein there, yes you do want to aspirate just like any other shot, and is why I never recommend doing multiple shots from one syringe - what if you draw blood during your check?

I would personally recommend that you hit your glutes with the Test/EQ and your delt tie-in with your HCG or anywhere easy, I don’t like the belly because I hit veins and get bruises, so the delts are “easy” for me.