Starting HCG later into TRT

Hi, so I have secondary hypogonadism and was put on TRT 2 years ago and then went on Clomid so wife and I could have baby #2. Now that baby #2 is here I decided I wanted to go back on TRT.

I have been on TRT (200mg/week) for 6 weeks now and I didn’t realize that HCG is prescribed during TRT to (hopefully) prevent permanent infertility. My wife and I want more children.

Will starting HCG after 6-12 weeks of TRT still work? I am sure the testes have already shut down again so I am unsure if HCG would work now. I have tried searching on this site to figure it out but have had no luck.

Or would staying on TRT but adding clomid for a few weeks restart the testes and thus HCG might still work?

I do understand TRT is not the best option for me if I want to have more children (24 y/o) but I am not willing to go off TRT other than having children. So I would like to ensure the best chances of conceiving based on committing to TRT.

Most add hCG when they decide to conceive.

It will work years after starting TRT.

Both of our children were conceived at the end of two of the heaviest, and longest, AAS cycles I ever ran. You’re fertility will be decreased, it isn’t birth control.


I understand that it can work after being on TRT for years assuming you come OFF TRT during that time. But it is often prescribed at the start of TRT to keep the testes alive and working. But once the testes shut down I am not sure HCG will work to restart and keep them alive if you continue your TRT dose and do not come off. I would assume once they shut down you would need to come off TRT in order for them to work again.

I hope that made sense. I guess I could just not worry about it until we wanted a kid and then use HCG and clomid to restart. But if taking HCG the entire time can increase the odds I would like to do that.

TRT+HCG+FSH when you want children.

I works when added to TRT concurrently.

It is, unnecessarily.

It will work.

It makes sense. That would work too. Clomid worked for you, no reason to think it wouldn’t again.

It will work regardless of being on TRT. Quit worrying about it.