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Please have patience to read it, please. I would really appreciate.

Hello! I am 18 1/2, 174, 73kgs about 15 bf. I want to start my first cycle. I have been thinking about it for months and I decided to start it in may. I have done a lot of research, at least 70h of reading forums and different pages in english and my native language (romanian) and I have also asked a lot of guys about it. Before judging my age consider these:

  • I have the same height for 5 years
  • I used to be the tallest and the biggest boy in my class since I was 5 and now I am a bit shorter or = with those guys so my growth happen quiet a lot ealier (+they have much taller parents)
  • My dad growth stopped quiet early too and now he is just 1-2cms taller than me despite my shoulders are a bit wider
  • I had a fully grown beard at 14
  • My random and morning erections stopped for 2 years and my sex drive is normal, if not a bit under average, guys of my age still fap like crazy all day long and get excited if they see a random girl. I have never experienced that since I was 15.
  • My body hair is the same for years, it has grown on my upper back, shoulders, chest and beard are almost coming together... (damn it)
  • My wisdom teeth are out for a few years too. I read that they come out at about 25-30 years old. I got them at 15-16... Also my parents' wisdom teeth have grown a bit early.
  • I have no relatives taller than me except my dad (a few cm) and my uncle (15cms).

So this is why I think that my body is ready and it is.. let's say a bit older than my age says.

The reason I want to use AAS are my damn genetics. I lift 6 days a week, good program, hard work everyday, never skip a meal or a workout, the diet is 90% perfect, I use some supps here and there. Everything is ok but... I am a lot like my mom and my grandfather and i have a lot of fat stored in my belly and love handles.

Also my thoracic cage is huge and very thick which makes my arms look small. I look a bit strange... veins all over my shoulders, chest, arms, neck... you can see my delts definition even if I just sit around but I still have a belly like I am pregnant.
Also, I shared my diet with some pros and kids like me and everyone says: great diet, too strict, you eat to few... I was like WTF? How can you eat shit and still have abs and how I am gaining fat+muscle on my calorie restricted diet!? Believe me that the calories are in cheek.

So that's why I want to use AAS+I want to look like a fitness model and cycle once every year for 2-3 years while working out year round natty and continuing natty from than on. From what I have read, even on forums from 1999, those guys suggest 18+ if you know what the hell you are doing and I think I do. Also I found that steroids are given to kids to help them grow (bones+muscle) and to skinny guys. And they are given naposim/anavar with no test base which is strange, but let's skip this.

I am thinking about the classic test+deca 10/12 weeks with some dbol at some winny (orals) and a strong PCT with tamoxifen, pregnyl and clomid+a few months on some good T booster.

I have read about the sides related to my age:
stunned growth-i don't think i'll grow anymore
damage HPTA-i asked a few real life pros I know and they told me that is shit and I can recover much better from a cycle at my age than someone older and that the only important thing is the PCT


Don’t do drugs at 18.


lol apart from the whole life story you gave us, age means a lot. You’re not “older” than your age states. At your age you could really hurt yourself. Wait a few more years. Eat more and train harder.