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Starting from the Bottom. Opinions Needed

Im a 17 yr old chick who is tired of being overweight. Last time I got on a scale I was aroumd 174ish. Im 5’6. On a scale 1-10 how overweight do you think I am? Help on getting started and committed? Other notes, I am a vegetarian and still in school.

Gym is out of the picture, any excercise would be what I could do at home. Please ANY sort of help would be great. Im needing a push to get me going and really help me become the best I can be. My goal is to be comfortable in a bikini and maybe a little toning. What helped yoi get started?? Need brutal honesty and help. Thanks!!!

If you put up your current food and drink intake with 100% honesty then I’m sure there will be some changes you can make, remember it’s got to be an honest picture including all junk or else we can’t really help find the issues.

what kind of exercise are you getting at the minute?


why is this the case?

You’re a little soft but certainly not as bad as you probably think you are (I apologise for the generalisation but it does tend to be the case that girls your age think their bodies are way worse than they are).

If you really can’t hit a gym then find a running track (or even just a large, open space) and run really fast for a short distance (100m-200m is perfect) a few times resting a minute or two in between.

The vegetarian thing is kind of a nightmare. Are you a lacto-ovo vegetarian by any chance?

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Usually everyday its some sort of fruit for breakfast, lunch is either beans, quinoa, or a protien powder shake using frozen fruit. Dinner is whatever is made- and usually then ends up being something heavy on the carb side, like spaghetti or some pasta. I do snack and thats usually almonds and cashews, and chips like wheat thins. Being honest Im really bad at binge eating late at night on the weekends and end up eating a ton of sugar. I dont drink enough water as I should, but im working on that. I very rarely drink soda, but do a lot of iced tea. Excercise is mainly horseback riding- so I have a decently strong core and legs. I work on a dude ranch nearby so i lift daily around 6 50lb bags and carry them about 150ft and move them around. I know thats a sucky exercise resumé, but im trying to change.

School reasons and inability to afford an outside gym. And thank you, i do feel like I weigh a billion pound lol. And I can find a place to do that, how often should I do something like that? And yes I am lacto-ovo, but recently I think I have developed an allergin to eggs so have stopped eatibg them directly.

Thanks, from what you have provided my suggestions would be

Eat a more substantial breakfast, protein is obviously a bit of an issue so I guess a good source would be the shake you mentioned, with a some slow release carbohydrates. Breakfast is important!

half the amount of carbohydrates with your dinner and lunch, just straight up half the serving size, but replace the missing half with vegetables, lots of them. Less carb and calorie dense but will still fill you up. For a vegetarian you don’t eat much veg!

your working on the water so that’s good, take a look at the sugar and calorie content of your ice tea.

It’s pretty easy to add an extra meal in late on in the evening to stop the binge eating. Salad is fair game, or make some kale chips or anything veg related.

From the snapshot you have provided above it looks like you may be having too many carbohydrates and sugars and lack of protein is leaving you wanting to snack. Fill your self up on veg and salad and consider exploring what protein sources are available to you

Oh and you really are not in that bad shape, if you want to drop some weight it should be because you want too for you.

Exercise wise, sprints as yogi suggested would be great… Lots of waking daily, and maybe lunge when your carrying your work stuff!
good luck

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As it’s already being said,you are not in an awful place

First off,you need to short your diet.I think that was perfectly addressed by @kd13

For the training part,go buy some bands.They’ll probably cost you less than 10 bucks.These will allow you to do a variety of exercises,such as good mornings(Very important to keep your back healthy if you are going to train abs),band pull aparts(very important for your posture),rows,curls,extensions,leg curls,chest and shoulder presses and probably even more stuff

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Thank you!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all your feedback!!! Your the bomb!!

Do you have a brand/type that you recommend?

Get a pair of light and moderate dumbells and/or a kettlebell. Good tips here…

For bands Freetoo bands are cheap and tough as hell

Sugar/fast carbs is the no1 thing to watch and ideally cut out completely.

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Lots of good advice so far but one thing I don’t see (maybe I missed it) is tracking your calories/macros. Load MyFitnessPal so you know exactly what you’re eating from day to day. You can put a snapshot up and I’m sure someone will be happy to help you adjust as needed.

Can’t believe no ones mentioned all the cool stuff you can do with those big ol bags of feed. Squats, OHPs, loaded carries, and if they get too light you can buy cheap military duffle bags and put multiple bags of the feed in them


I got bands today (have been sick for weeks) and some light dumbells. Cutting out most carbs and tons of sugar. Ended up purchasing Fit Simply bands as thats what I could find. Sorry for the late reply!!! Thank you!!!

Will definitely look into that!!! Thank you and sorry for the late reply.

Love this!! Have been doing lunges but will definitely try the squats and so on. Believe it or not I actually have a military bag that would be perfect for this. :slight_smile: Thank you and sorry for the late reply!!

Quick suggestion- the most weight I’ve ever lost when I’ve been trying to do so was done just by walking. Lots and lots of it. I also played around with a rucksack full of weights.

I know I’m late replying, but since the topic got bumped, I figured I’d chime in. ^the above quote is obviously your biggest problem. that and snacking, although nuts are fine. I’d ditch the wheat thins or any other carb-centric snack food.

make the above changes and minimize your pasta portions and I think you’ll see a substantial difference. Also agree with the above comment about walking. That alone can boost your metabolic rate.

This is ok advice, but I just don’t see it as being necessary. Seems excessive for someone with essentially modest goals, particularly when the dietary issues seem pretty clear without doing this. It can’t hurt if the OP doesn’t mind doing it, but for me, I would see it as a huge hassle. Now, if the OP has a real problem with impulse control and needs this sort of accountability, I can see it working.

OP: The number one thing you can learn from fitness is goal centric thinking. Write down what your short, medium and long term fitness goals are and post them somewhere you’ll see them every single day.

As you go through your day and you get a chance to snack or skip a workout ask yourself “will this behaviour help me reach my goals?”

That sounds stupid and hoaky but that line of thinking is a huge departure from snacking or slacking and then feeling shame about it and worrying how fat it will make you. Many women end up in this shame spiral and it leads to a sense of helplessness.

Also if you can apply this thinking to fitness you can apply it to every area of your life. It’s a game changer if you can consistently apply it.

Update!! Been sticking with it!!! I think I see changes, what do you all think?

Yes, definite progress. Great job!

What have you been doing in the last couple of months?

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