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Starting from the Beginning with a Shoulder Problem


Hey guy’s I’m new to the forum and I really need some advice. I am determined to get into shape but I have a particular problem. I have a nagging shoulder issue. It feels like some Tendentious in the shoulder. I have been doing a lot of research and I am certain that it is my crap posture and the time spent at my computer that is making the condition as hard to get rid of as it is.

So i have been researching many different stretches and different rotator cuff exercises and shoulder rehabilitation exercises that I have been trying. I even went to a physical therapist. All of these things have paid off. I have good ROM with very little pain and my impingement seems to be lessening.

Now I want to take action! I want to create a workout and nutrition plan that will strengthen my entire body and work around my bum wing! Problem is I have no direction. I don’t know which exercises to do, how to schedule a workout, any of it. I’m tired of allowing my shoulder issues to hold me back and I want to forge a functional strong body. Can you guys help me? Thank you for your time!


This is a good place to start, all laid out…

For the shoulder, avoid upright rows and do a couple sets of ‘face pulls’ or band pull aparts as a warm up and/or finisher to most workouts


x2 on the face pulls. I had bad shoulders/shitty posture and I did (and still do) DeFranco’s Upper 6, which can be found on Youtube, then face pulls, then my regular workout. I could feel my upper back loosening up and my shoulders getting where they needed to be throughout a workout.

Foam roll your thoracic spine (or use two tennis balls taped together for a more intense mobilization), stretch your chest and your lats, do something to take your shoulders through their range of motion. Do it twice a day for three months and people will ask if you’re taller.


My number one goal would be to get better, do what doesn’t hurt and enjoy the process.

Everything else is irrelevant