Starting From the Absolute Beginning

My resting heart rate is probably 95 bpm, last time I went to the doctor.

I have no work capacity, flexibility.

I eat very clean but not enough. Am learning to work on this, coming from an illness that didn’t let me eat much.

My question:

Where should I even start?

Should I start doing 15-20 min of cardio, 3x a week to strengthen my heart, and lift 2x a week? Should I just do a bunch of random lifts - compound stuff - to get a little stronger, then start a routine?

I ordered Muscle Revolution and am hoping its routines address the absolute beginners. I want to be squatting, deadlifting, snatching, everything (in due time) with the rest of you. I want to be strong and train smart.

I’ve read a ton of articles here, even the newbie articles, but want to know if there’s a general consensus on how beginners should “begin.” I’ve lifted before but hvae been sick for almost 2 years, now barely getting better and need to get back into shape.

No more excuses, am approaching 25 and want to be in better shape than I’ve ever been.

I should add that I’mm 5’7, 140 lbs @ ~ 18-21%.

I’m thinking just eat a ton of food, 20% above maintainence caloric intake and keep it clean. I’d like to be 185 at 8% one day, and I know I have a lot of ground to cover.

Good luck with everything. And while its nice to have a goal like 185@8%, at a height of 5’7" I think its going to be more than a challenge getting there naturally. But even if you add 25-30 pounds of LBM with the same amount of fat that you have now (the end result, I realize you will add fat while adding LBM) you’ll look quite huge and be pretty lean.

If you’re just starting out, why not begin with Rippetoe’s starting strength? OR perhaps Big Boy Basics (not sure if the TSP in muscle revolution includes beginners) And also realize that eating “clean” has a different maning for every one, unless you’re referring to a precision nutrition approach that Berardi sugegsts.

I have heard of Rippetoe’s Starting Strength and thought it was an article on here. I did look up Big Boy Basics.

This morning I ordered Muscle Revolution along with some Metabolic Drive. Finals are coming to a close and I have a month off where I want to just focus on myself and my health.

I know I have a long road ahead, so I didn’t mean to sound naive. And by eating clean, I meant no processed foods or sugars, lots of fruits/vegetables and lean meats. Only water, green tea…

Start on the cardio. Strength training should not be underestimated as a cardio exercise. Do strength training 3 times a week.

Twice a week start some form of cardio. Walking is a good place to start. On a treadmill keep increasing the incline. Then incorporate a sprint or two partway through. Keep progressing gradually in this way. Keep your main cardio sessions to about 30 minutes. Keep them intense but be careful to start off gradually and warm up completely. Once or twice a week, perhaps on the weekend, go for a long walk/hike/bike ride/ski trip/etc. Do something fun.