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Starting from Scratch After a Long Break

I haven’t lifted in around 5 months, lost quite a bit of size and strength from inactivity as there’s no way I could’ve lifted weights all the gyms were closed during a deload phase but open up next week, after a couple of months of getting back into it I thought I should start from scratch on test… I’m unsure if this would be a pointless move so I wondered if anyone had done it?

My largest cycle was 600 T 400 DECA and 40MG DBOL, I’ve lost 10kg in BW who knows what exactly maybe water and glycogen but definately some muscle I’m a short guy so that’s alot.

I wanted to maybe do an oral kickstart with something like TBOL then Test E @ 400mg/wk for 12 weeks, would this be pointless?

I would lift for a few months before starting a cycle. Your results will be great due to muscle memory.

You didn’t tell us your goals? Tbol isn’t really going to build a lot of size, if that’s one of them.


Lifting and not blasting for a couple more months is the plan, there’s no point wasting money when most of it will come back on a cruise dose.

My goal is size and strength, I do understand that TBOL isn’t the best for bulking but I wanted something not too crazy strong but an oral that doesn’t convert to E.

I think DBOL combined with UGL Aromasin absolutely fucked my skin up and contributed to cystic acne, my own stupid fault though it’s dying right down from accutane paired with salycilic acid soap.

I know that there’s always Anadrol but I want to take it at the correct time when I’m around the 600lb Deadlift mark at 90kg BW (I’m short BTW).

Look into Test, EQ, and anavar. You can run Test and EQ up to 14 weeks. You can run 20-50mg of anavar for The last half of the cycle.

Do your research. You might want to front load Test and EQ. Be prepared for PCT, the EQ will stay in your system for a couple months after stopping, so make sure you have your PCT planned out accordingly.

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Careful with that shit. It will permanently destroy your oil glands, even the ones in your eyelids, and you can get permanently dry itchy eyes and skin.

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Don’t worry the Dermatologist prescribed it to me and I only have to take 10mg ED because 20mg actually made my acne way worse and I just balooned up the worst I ever have realistically I should be on with working up to 80mg as a minimum but it seems I respond to it a little crazy, a lower dose just means I’d have to do a much longer course.

I have very greasy skin normally and when it’s hot I sweat so badly so it may do me favours especially when in muay thai sparring as my sweat gets in my eyes.

Ever since my first cycle my face shape changed, body hair grew, beard grew, acne only really came along when dbol + crappy aromasin was introduced though I’ve always had acne just never on the chest, back and neck.