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Starting Fresh....


I am new to this site. I used to be on BB.com but I really hate the people on that site.

I have been going nuts lately due to overthinking of training, nutrition, and keeping active to burn calories so much that I think i am becoming an insomniac.

I eat super clean and have a great mind of what i should or shouldnt eat.

I am currently doing a split workout that I got out of mens health. 3 day split, cardio everyother day and sometimes in the afternoon of lifting days.

Prior to that I was doing a full body, 3x's a week. Cardio on off days and taking sundays off...

I just need to get a completely new workout and outlook on how I should or shouldnt be going about my health.

If anyone can help with articles or suggestions, please help!


If you want some useful advice, you should at least provide the most basic stats like you goal, training experience, how much time you want to devote to training and what equipment you have at your disposal



Trying to have some great abs
Get good looking arms
and really just have more energy in the day

I am a member at 24hr fitness and I have all the time in the world! I am so bored, thats why sometimes I will be at the gym twice in a day.


stick to the 3x fullbody or upper/lower if you're a beginner. Splits wills low down your progress.


Eat and train the entire body hard and often.


why do you hate the folks at Abs and Arms.com ?......oops , I meant BB.com


they dont know shit....


Bro #1 im not flaming BUT at 170 6'2" your going to have to put on some muscle for your goals and that includes weight. I dropped down to 165 at 6 " sure was RIPPED but still not an awesome 6 pack sure had some what but not great. Why NO muscle there to show.

Now any plan they all work if done intense but I have to agree a full body w/o based in Heavy compounds is the fastest way to build a hell of a solid base, Id go that route. That and being to eat more. Put on a good 30 lbs and youll start to get that look your going for.

Its going to take time sure and a TON of hard work.



I think T-Nation can probably give you better workout routines than mens health.


nice to have you here as a T-Nation boy. I'm also in your position and am doing full body workouts, and loving it. I started with Waterbury Method > Art of Waterybury (1week left).. might then do some high frequency work. you can search here in forums for "Waterbury excels" for his workouts.


First forget about workouts from Men's Health. Stick to the basics using TBT, eat a lot of good food, throw in some protein, creatine and fish oil if you can.


gaining weight is a mental issue with me...

I used to be a heavy kid and dropped the pounds when I grew up. Now even thinking about the added pounds freaks me out. I have had some great gains in muscle from swimming and lifting, but I am def eatin more whole and filling foods.

Any suggestions though about food before bed, I know it helps with muscles, but I wake up @ 4 or 5 am now hungry and cant go back to sleep because of this.


Protein and fat meals.



Peanut butter.

Cottage cheese.



Or a combination of the above.


before bed..............cottage cheese


Goddamn... this whole thread screams troll... BB.com, MH, not wanting to gain weight. It's like red flag after red flag.


Read some of Chris Shugart's article on FFB club otherwise know as Former Fat Boys. He has a a ton of material how to gain muscle as a FFB without gaining a ton of weight, but you will have to gain some.

I also recommend cottage cheese or eggs before bed.