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Starting First Cycle


So finally going to do it and get my stuff together for my first AS cycle, I was just wondering if this looks ok.

Dianabol Kick starter 30mg ED for first 4 weeks
Test E 500 mg pinned twice a week for 10 weeks

Then start my PCT two weeks after last injection
Nolva at 40/20/10/10

Constructive criticism welcome haha!


Do you have an AI?


I was thinking Armidex .5 mg every third day for 10 weeks. Not sure if I should add clomid at 50/50/50/50 either. There’s just so much conflicting information on the web so I’m just finding as much information as I can.


What’s your BF percentage like?

The adex dose sounds low given the compounds and dose you are looking to run.

Make sure you keep an eye on estrogen - some guys might be able to get away with it, but what you’re taking would turn me into a water buffalo in need of shopping for a new bra.


You don’t need to run the clomid on cycle. The arimidex should be fine. Might wanna run it at .5 eod instead of every 3rd day.


Body fat is at 14%. Sorry if I wasn’t clear I’m not going to take clomid during the cycle I was going to add it to PCT its just I want to cover all bases. Just reading back my first post sounds like I’m pinning 1000mg of test what I meant was 500mg split into two doses of 250mg. So for example 250 Monday and 250 Friday. Yeah think I’m going to up the armidex to ED. Anything else I can possibly add to avoid sides its gyno I’m worried about!?


Ah, yeah I understood the 500mg pw straight off the bat so all good there.

Arimidex needs to be dosed EOD, it just works better that way.

.5mg every third day won’t cut it at those dosages if the gear is real, and doing it every day seems to make adex not so effective (I know ‘more stable’ blood levels seem completely logical, but it doesn’t work that way in practice) even if the weekly dose is the same. Most guys find it has to be ‘pulsed’ every other day for maximum benefit.

I can only speak for myself here, but if I was going to do dbol and 500mg of test I would be taking at least 1mg adex EOD and then reevaluating from there.



Thanks! Some great advice! What’s your opinion on PCT clomid and nolva? I’m worrying about the sides from clomid but I guess that’s just one of the risks.


Pick one and run it. Remember more is not always best. Tons of posts on here for PCT use.


Cheers mate! Had some great advice! Probably going to get on it in a couple of months once I’ve got the stuff together and read up on it a bit more. I’ll definitely post a log.