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Starting First Cycle


Just thought I'd share

So a bit about me before I share what I'm going to start taking.

Age: 30
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210
BF: 15%
Experience: Strength training for 8-9 years.
Goals: Strength primarily, size secondary

Weeks 1-10:
.25mg Anastrozol (Daily)
200mg EQ (twice a week)
250mg Test (twice a week)

Week 11-13 (PCT):
40/30/20mg Nolva (Daily)
100/50/50mg Clomid (Daily)

This is my first cycle and I'm pretty nervous. I'm going to schedule some pre-cycle blood work to have a baseline. I also plan on re-testing two weeks in, and then more depending on the changes.

For drawing, I'll be using a 1.5 inch 18 gauge. For pinning, 1.5 inch 25 gauge with 3ml syringe.

Just had a few questions:
For those who recently completed their first cycle, what were some of the changes you saw? Physically, mentally, and emotionally?

For veterans who are on cycle 3+, how does this cycle look for someone new? What words of wisdom can you impart on someone new to this? Is aspirating necessary? When, in your opinion, the best time to pin and why?

Also, feel free to add any other thoughts you might have.

Thanks a ton.


you cycle looks good, just a couple of little things to change:

-don't draw with an 18g. You'll rip the shit out of the rubber stopper on your vials. Use a 21g.

-PCT should be 4 weeks so add another week of clomid at 50mg and nolva at 20mg.

-Run your test for 2 weeks longer than the EQ. EQ has a much longer ester so extend your cycle to 12 weeks.

-the half life of adex is such that you don't ned to dose it every day so you could do .5mg eod if you preferred.

Other than that, you're good to go.

It's hard to say what changes you'll experience but if your diet and training is good then you should gain an appreciable amount of muscle. As for emotional effects, I can't say I've ever experienced any expcept when running dbol and to be honest I think for the most part the emotional effects people get from test are just placebo.

As for the best time to pin, Mondays and Thursdays tends to be the norm for longer esters.

You might want to consider adding hCG at 250iu once or twice a week stopping 4 days before you start your SERMs, but it's not essential.


Awesome feedback thank you.

Would it be wise to adjust the Nolva/Clomid PCT amounts to something like this:

Nolva: 30/20/20/10 (40/30/20/0 originally)
Clomid: 80/50/50/20 (100/50/50/0 originally)

Or should I just buy more of both?

And I'll change my drawing needles. Thanks again!


Literally everything yogi gave you will be perfect. Enjoy brother.


run the nolva at 40/40/20/20 and clomid at 50/50/50/50. If you need to buy more you'll have some left over for your next cycle.

enjoy your cycle brother!