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Starting First Cycle in 2 Weeks


Height: 183cm
Weight: 227lbs
BF%: 16.5
Lifting for 5 years
Goal: BF% of 12, gain 15lbs lean mass
Diet: Start at 3000 Calorie a day for first week, move up 500 calories every week until i reach 5000 calories a day which i will consume till cycle ends.

I am going to be doing a 12 week Test E, @ 500mg a week split up into two 250mg shots(Tue,Sat)
...Here is the iffy part, i am going to be taking HCG starting week 2 - 12, @ 500ius a week split into two 250iu shots.

After my last shot i am going to wait 2 weeks where i would then begin PCT of Clomid at:
100mg a Day for week 1
100mg a Day for week 2
50mg a Day for week 3
50mg a Day for week 4
Nolva at:
40mg a day for week 1
40mg a day for week 2
20mg a day for week 3
20mg a day for week 4

I have been researching a bit about this stuff, but im still far from knowledgeable and inexperienced. If anyone has any suggestions/opinions or feelings please feel free to express themselves. Especially about the HCG.


Only nolva 40/40/20/20 will be enough for pct..


Your goals sound a little unrealistic IMO so don't feel upset if you fall short. By the looks of it you will not lose much fat, depending on your activity level.

Also, I would advise against HCG for 10 weeks straight. Maybe just taking it the last 3 weeks before the cycle ends would be better. The dosing looks good though.

Also, I agree with razil above, the nolva should be fine alone. Especially with HCG use during the cycle


My thoughts:

8 weeks TE, 1st injection 750, followed by 250mg E3D

You will need an AI. What is your plan for estrogen control?

Your HCG protocol seems fine, IMO. My understanding is that Leydig cell issues are dose related, not duration.

Your PCT plan seems ok, but I agree with nolva or clomid alone. Personally, I seem to do better on clomid, but others get weird sides from it.

Good luck.


Those goals will be difficult to reach on just 500 mg test/wk over the proposed timeframe. Pick one of them...either to lose the bodyfat, or to put on as much quality mass as you can. It's pretty fucking tough to do both. Pick one goal to focus on so you're pleased with the results post cycle.


Thanks to everyone for the helpful info. Seeing as how it will be hard to lose weight and gain mass at the same time, i'll probably focus on gaining quality muscle mass. And i will cut out the clomid from pct, but keep it on hand just in case.

OTS1 wrote:
"You will need an AI. What is your plan for estrogen control? "

 I will probably do some more researching but right now id say letro is my main choice.  I never took sauce before so i don't even know if my body will require it.

Jacked Fibraz wrote:
"Also, I would advise against HCG for 10 weeks straight. Maybe just taking it the last 3 weeks before the cycle ends would be better. The dosing looks good though."

   Based on all the articles i read on HCG, it says its not the length of time but rather the dosing that can make it harmful, OTS1 posted a similar statement above too.


Letro, from what I understand can be tricky and less forgiving, dosage wise. Adex seems to be the AI of choice for most, but you're right about experimenting with what's best for you.

You will require it. Even if you aren't gyno-prone, and don't care about acne, loss of libido, etc. etc., you will want to control estrogen for the sake of recovery. There is no hormone more suppressive than estrogen.

Again, please consider doing a shorter cycle. Most find recovery and "gains kept" to be much better on shorter cycles, and most of your gains will come in this time frame, even on a longer cycle. It's a diminishing rate of return.

I look at it like training: get in, hit it hard, recover, do it again.


Your gains may slow down considerably after week 8 or so and if so you might consider stopping cycle then so you'll be able start another one sooner.


I seccond this concept...even after a 16 week cycle I recovered very fast and I believe it was for 2 factors:

nolva reducing the inhibition of the hypothalamus as I was running it continuously during cycle and masteron competing with aromatase reducing estrogen production and levels in my body.
I have also had my fair share of use of different compounds and drugs.

I also think an 8 weeker or 2 on 2 off would be better first time round, start small get a feel of what your body can/cant do...sort you calories out and go from there in the future.

Holy batman, @ 5000 calories/day i would turn into fatman!

Make small adjustments over time, its the only way youll work it out and they have to be the right calories too...

500 mg to lean gain at your stats...very hard...Im leaning/gaining at 270lb 19% with MUCH more than that and its hard...and my diet/training is 100%.

You had a right choice to do one at a time.