Starting First Cycle at 45 Y/O

Will be my first testosterone cycle will get blood work done first but debating on how much to take being 6ft 2" 15 1/2 stone ! I eat a lot & train hard 5 days a week !

Your height / weight doesn’t really come into play due to the fact we all metabolize the test differently. It’s why you see some guys on TRT at 100mg per week hitting the same numbers as others on 200mg per week. SHBG comes into play as well. For starters though you can get TT, FT, E2, SHBG, FSH, and LH. These are the min male hormones to check … you can also add CBC w/lipids, cmp, and thyroid panel if you want to be overly cautious.

Starting dose is typically 3-500mg/wk of long ester test depending on your personal choice and risk analysis. Most do fine on the 500mg. You will want your PCT in hand before you start and an AI just in case.

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You’re in good shape and thats a good starting point. I’m ultra cautious, and for your weight i’d reckon 400mg / week. Best to pin every 4 or 5 days. Deff recommend you start a diary or log BEFORE you start your cycle . . . just note every day your weight, resting pulse, any acid reflux, sleep disruption, appetite.

Its difficult to remain objective about various symptoms say 6 weeks into a cycle, as certain conditions can become gradually “normalised” . . . as in “oh, i have reflux again this evening, just like every other evening”

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