Starting First Cycle 11.5 Weeks Before Competition

Hi iam gaurav from india need help iam 11.5 weeks out from my competition. Iam competing in classic physique. Current weight 198 lbs height 6 feet.
Till date iam preping naturally. Can someone please help me with the cycle and pct.

I would recommend continuing your contest prep naturally and wait until you’re bulking to start your first(?) cycle. Good luck on your contest.

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You’re out of time, unfortunately. You need 12 weeks to run the cycle, so you’d be going into competition while still on. Not really a big deal, but what if you end up having a hard time controlling e2 and you get too bloated right before you step on stage? Too many factors you can’t control in too short of a time frame. @Veteq gave you good advice. Compete natty, then start a cycle.

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Overall I have to agree with what has been stated. But I do want to ask some questions.

Did you want to bulk or cut with this cycle? In theory you could run a cut right now but it would have to be a short cycle with short esters and that is a problem in itself because you should always just use testosterone for your first cycle. There is a short ester Testosterone that is common, Testosterone propionate but it still aromatizes like any other test and usually pre contest those guys want as little Estrogen in their bodies as possible if they even use any wet compounds.

If you are looking for anti catabolic properties while loosing fat then you can look up and research clenbuterol. It is a stimulant so it helps burn a little extra fat and it also has an anti catabolic property. The anti catabolic property only lasts 18-20 days give or take. You could do something like two weeks on two weeks off but I don’t know for sure how long you have to be off of it in order for the anti catabolic property to take effect again. It’s just an alternative idea given your situation.