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Starting Equipped training



I have just got 3 suits (squat, bench and deadlift). I have never trained in suits before. And in my gym there are no people with knowledge of equiped lifting, i will be the only one doing it.

So my question basicly is, how should i train? How should i get to know my suit?

What are the important clues to lifting in suit? Or is it just trial and error?

hope to hear some input,


Im assuming single-ply? I don't have alot of experience with geared lifting but as far as i know its a world of difference squatting in single ply to multi


yes you are right. Single Ply, squat suit is an Inzer TRX. Getting it second hand from someone. It will be kinda big for now but once ill bulk up some it will be a snug fit.

i have squated with wraps before tho


I don't have any experience with it but you may want to see if you can find out how Brett Gibbs trains as I believe he's quite successful in both raw and single ply.


i might need to refraise my question (not native speaker). I am wondering not what program to run for equiped lifting but how to get my form right to get the most out of the suits.

i got my suits today. A picture is incluided. The bench suit and deadlift suit are still kinda loose (so nice room for when i bulk up). The TRX is quite a snug fit already.

i think ill start off doing realitevly light singles after my RAW working sets with them. Is this a good idea?


Fuck the programs . Find someone to teach how to lift equipped. everything is different.


yea that kinda is the problem. In my gym there is no one with experience with equiped lifting. And people who do live far away..